Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Hello my beloved readers!

It has been a while since graduation has passed and I’ve just been basking in that wonderful knowledge and feeling of finally becoming a graduate. In my hearts of hearts I really did not think I would make it but hard work and perseverance has seen me through it. Without the support of close loved one and the support and belief of my tutors I could not have done it. There are so many people to thank for believing in me and helping me with this process. 

I’ve shared my journey with you to show you that even if you are alone like I have been, to have faced so many hurdles at every turn and been kicked to the streets, sheer hard work and determination got me through. The fears were a plenty, tears even more, pillows soaked with tears and blood flowing, heart aching always thinking I could never make it but finally my time came and when I walked into that Chapel, when I heard those speeches most of all when they called “Graduants” and we rose to take our applause nothing can compare to the uproar which shattered through that hall. It reverberated off the walls, ricocheted from all the corners of our uni and rebounded back into our hearts. Nothing can compare to that uplifting moment. It is for no one but yourself, in a group we may stand but it is so unique to each and every individual.

Although my journey has been waded through alone my crowning moment in glory I am more than happy to share with my beloved readers. This is for me, for you, for us. To show you that despite the countless moments of doubt and desperate urge to drop out and escape the wretched routine when you put your mind to it, “you can use your head to do what your heart wants”.

Keep The Hope Alive

Much Love Naz


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Welcome and Some Advice

My beloved readers...
Sometimes it is very difficult to do something you really don’t want to do for example at the beginning of my placement during the first few weeks I really did not like it, i wanted so much to change my modules and do something else. However, deep inside I knew that this was a once in a life time opportunity and that after I would reap the benefits and this knowledge alone was enough to make me determined to see it through. With the right guidance you will get through these tough and murky times. Doing something that is difficult and you do not enjoy is enough reason to give up on it but one must not forget its benefit and so coining a phrase from a movie always “do the right thing”.
Some of you will be freshers and so a very hearty welcome to you and others who continue their journey welcome back. The load you will carry in the next few months will be hefty indeed and you need to put the hours in, remember you can’t sow maize and expect to reap wheat. The hours need to be put in and yes that does include countless sleepless nights and millions of re-drafting of numerous essays but hard work pays off. Believe in honesty and hard work, determination and the rewards will come naturally.

Friday, 28 September 2012

More CVs and Cover Letters

My dearest readers, it has been a very long while since the last blog that is mainly because not much has been happening in the world of me. The job applications are a plenty and can’t complain about anything else.

In the next month I shall finally be graduating from university. It has been an incredible journey but a new one is fast starting up. For those of you beginning the same journey as me do not be disheartened I have had many people telling me of their journey taking up to a year. A lot of the times it boils down to one thing: lack of experience. So get as much in as possible. Try a few days or even a few hours a week of voluntary work. Yes, I know most times this can be time and money consuming but in the long run it will help with not only experience but also confidence boosting and enhance your skills.

In my applications one of the many problems I have come across is the way I write my cover letters and my CV, most that just being wordy without actually saying anything useful and productive. My tip: avoid useless phrases such great communication/interpersonal skills without giving examples.

Also for you fellow Greenwich students out there make sure you make full use of all the on line facilities that Moodle/Get Job Shop have to offer because there is ample of fantastic tips and examples of how to build your CV from scratch and how to compile cover letters and personal statements. It is all about the research that you put not only into the company you are applying to but also into yourself and your own skills and experience.

Also, do not underestimate yourself, your abilities or most importantly your potential. It takes a lot to get through university so just apply everything you’ve learnt in the last three or four years and put it to use on your CV/Cover letter. You’ve learnt how to write essays think of it as writing a mini essay on yourself.

Best of luck


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

CVs and Cover letters

Hi everyone!

How are your summer holidays going?

Thought I would give a quick update on my situation which at the moment I am pulling my hair out at the moment. I think one of the most dreadful things one has to do are job applications and filling in nonsense skills sections over and over again. I see no point in having to write the same thing out three different times in three separate places. Once being a quick summary in your cover letter, of course in your CV and then in some random section asking for your key skills because oh wait the reader can’t be bothered to read your CV/cover letter. Talk about annoying.

Too much reliance are placed on computers instead of the good old days where applications were solely done via post nowadays you have to write the same thing a million times over.  It is more annoying, more frustrating than writing an essay.

Aside from the annoying aspects of writing a CV/cover letter and all things in between the university is offering help and guidance on how to job hunt and apply for jobs consistently. Those of you who want to make full use of this course which also has the benefit of being completely on line thus saving you the trip all the way to Greenwich can find it on the portal and it is called “GET Summer Online Training Programme”. There are videos and book summaries and ideas and tips on sending daily applications.

Best of luck guys xx

Monday, 23 July 2012

Update on Not Much

Still a few days have passed from when I got my results... that feeling that yes finally I’ve done still hasn’t left me.

Those endless days and nights convincing myself that I couldn’t do it, giving up not having the energy to continue believing. For you my readers I kept up the facade maintained the encouragement and the strong words but deep inside all the strength had completely ebbed away. The lack of hope had broken my heart. The betrayal from all around had taken its toll. In January it was my intention to just leave completely without looking back and as you probably know my tutors convinced me to just stay for a few weeks to see how I feel after a few weeks, I could not escape the coursework’s nor the need to revise. Somehow the consistency, the strength of my beautiful friends and my wonderful tutors, all my loved ones kept me up.

My beating heart had lost all hope. I gave you a glimpse into me, shared with you the raw emotions and the brutal history and truth from which I came. Sure it is not that bad and it could be worse but this is my story to tell, my journey that I am sharing with you.

The days now pass by with as you guessed, job hunting, not much else to say on that front. Quite boring and tedious but still fun and exciting too knowing that soon I shall be out in the real world with a full time job.
On the baking front my silly camera has now died L It fell so horribly on to the floor and the zoomy thingy is stuck and won’t retract back. So now I am on a mission to find a new and better camera, suggestions are very welcome J

To those of you who may not have done so well and are still on your journey at uni I say keep your hearts firm and your heads in the books. Enjoy this moment for soon it shall be over...

Monday, 9 July 2012

Results Letter

The letter...

Hello my beautiful readers!!

I have been waiting for this day ever since my last exam finished. You can guess what I am talking about... Results!!

To be completely honest with you I actually found out my results on the 4th July, a day I will never ever forget. A marked day in my calendar. During those many dark moments I truly believed it could never happen, that for me this moment would never come but you are now reading the blog of not just a law student but of a law graduate!! :-D

After all that struggle, all those endless nights, those caffeine hydrated days, the non existence of sleep and lack of food the hard work has been wonderfully paid off and I could not be more happier. Your degree when you come to finish it will be yours completely and no one will be able to take that away from you, nothing can diminish just how valuable that is.

After all the obstacles, the constant flow of people letting me down, after the sordid past, the betrayal, patience and perseverance and sheer determination the tears finally paid off.

One day a day shall come where the days of crying over your notes and your text books will finally come to an end and the only tears you will be shedding then are tears of joy. For me this will always be a momentous occasion, nothing will take that away.

It’s a part of luck, loss and labour
Add a part of devotion, hope and talent
All put together is the secret of success...

Sitting on a street corner gossiping 
it’s a time of happy days my friend
desiring for success at an adolescent 
we took the wrong route to find the right route
we ran away to discover this world
i realised to toil for her (him)

We fight, toil hard, lose but I’m sure
Secret to success, shortcut to success
Its honesty... its honesty only

- Tamil Movie "Boys" –
Music AR Rahman
Lyrics by Vaali and Blaaze

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Books, Chocolates and Cakes!

Hello my darling readers!

How are you all??

It has been a while since my last blog and much of my days have been filled with reading a lot of books so far the only decent book I’ve read that I really enjoyed is called “Welcome to Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop of Dreams”, by Jenny Colgan, quite a recent publication I think. The beauty of this book is that it is filled with great little goodies about different types of confectionary, years in the famous Mars bar was released and several recipes for different types of candy such as the beautiful delicious coconut ice and the tooth crunching yet highly addictive peanut brittle. This book will definitely take you back to childhood days where penny sweets were widely available in your local sweet shop. The famous local around my old school was aptly named “Chocolate Box”.

My Harlan Coben collection is increasing hehe I have now acquired:
  • One False Move
  • Gone for Good
  • Promise me
  • Miracle Cure and
  • Final Detail

I absolutely adore his books and love the story liners involving Myron Bolitar! Well worth a read! Most of the books I got from a market cheaper than the retail price :-D

In the world of my baking I’ve recently attempted a genoise sponge which is a difficult mixture to attain because of the sheer amount of whisking involved. I who is without an electric whisk was up at one o’ clock in the morning whisking egg whites over the stove for around one hour and thirty minutes. Don’t ask why I decided to cook so late hehe. However, below you see the result of my labour which was individually sized portions of genoise sponge covered in strawberry jam, vanilla pastry cream and then covered in a stabilised whipped cream J

The other pictures are of my home made truffles which actually came out right but me thinks that was a fluke hehe.


Monday, 11 June 2012

Distance Day 1

My heart aches with the knowledge that so far from you I shall be away
Yet no distance and time from you can my love be kept at bay
Surely with faith and durance we shall find a way
To be in your arms there’ll be no delay

Yes, the distance such painful frustration
But no amount of separation can challenge my devotion
Even though my heart is filled with tormented emotion
You will remain my one and only destination

The many goodbyes such bittersweet misery
Yet never do they put our hearts out of harmony
Hands entwined they make such beautiful symphony
Only reality to pull us back with such forceful gravity

So many a time we have been tested
Nevertheless love’s vow we have whole heartedly heeded
A complete realisation that it is you I’ve always ever needed
So trust in you is truly fully vested

To carry on, to breathe... how shall I face each day?
My sight blurred by all things grey
To return to your arms I constantly pray
Admiration for you that no one can weigh

Each moment bringing a new sense of realisation
Of an utter horrid sensation
In your calm safe embrace is my only salvation
Your presence my only anticipation...

On a completely different note below are some of the cake projects I have been working on: Chocolate Cupcake with a chocolate frosting and the other is a rich three layer chocolate cake filled and decorated with chocolate ganache and butter cream frosting and also my very first butter cream rose. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Beauty of Law

Hello my darling readers, how are you all? How have you found our journey so far?

There has been many up’s and down’s over the period from which I first began writing these blogs. Most times I have had so many difficulties over studying and revising and completing coursework’s and I have focused on how difficult this was. However, despite the difficulties and the desire to dramatically change my career path, Law as you know is something I have always wanted to study but whilst having one’s head buried deep within the books it is so very difficult to appreciate the beauty of the Law, of the text that one reads, so difficult whilst trying to decipher the intricate and detailed language of the Law one cannot appreciate the beauty of the language. And despite occasionally my frustration at exams and the course itself I do realise just how lucky I am to have been able to study such a prestigious course, to have been accepted at this university and to have made it so far, that in itself is a major accomplishment. Thinking of the very fact that I have spent the last four years of my life completing a Law degree hehe... Woooooooooooooohooooo J

I hope you enjoyed last week’s picture of the Victoria Sponge. I wanted to explain because I failed to do so in the last blog what I meant by “modern”. Apparently traditionally a Victoria sponge cake would only have a jam filling and would in fact be dusted with caster sugar and not icing sugar as is usually done today. The icing sugar and cream addition is fabulous though. This week is a coffee and walnut cake with a coffee walnut butter cream topped with the same butter cream and extra chopped walnuts. Here’s something I’m not even that big a fan of coffee cake J

Monday, 28 May 2012

The End Of Exams

Hey all!

How is everyone doing?

I’m sorry for the lack of blogs and not catching you up more regularly unlike last year this year I haven’t put down my entire journey of the examination period but as you probably already know it has been a hectic time indeed. This week Monday I finished my very last exam ever wooooooooooooooooo! That was Equity and Trusts and in fact probably the most hardest topic I have ever faced not only because of the topic itself but also because of the fact that it was my last exam ever, the sheer thought of that was overwhelming enough. Nights were endless and my diet consisted mainly red bull and coffee, not the healthiest thing to do but during those excruciating moments you lose your appetite and anything you do eat just makes you feel so sick. Believe me, every time I woke up I felt horribly ill.

Patience and endurance.

The next hard part is waiting for results and finding work in a field I like. The world is now my oyster! As I mentioned after uni I want to explore baking and patisserie classes so to mark the beginning of that journey I baked a modern day Victoria sponge cake with raspberry jam and a whipped cream filling :-D

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My Exams

So here I am trying to revise for my first exam which is on Company law and I just cannot get over how useless exams actually are. I mean we all think it but here is me putting it out there in my way. In the grand scheme of life there is very rarely an occasion where one will use the skills learnt in exam in real life. Perhaps the only time you will under such a time constraint is most obviously when you are cooking and the only other example I can think of is perhaps a bomb squad.

Writing up four essays in three hours does not give me any merits rather it gives me and perhaps most other people out there a really big head ache and multiple mini heart attacks. It does not teach me and help me to develop my writing skills, it puts me under immense pressure to write as much gibberish as possible with the worst possible handwriting I could ever conjure up.

Out in the real world we will, of course, have many deadlines to meet so why most courses carry a bigger weighting for exams i.e. law 70% exam is beyond me!

I move to suggest that exams should be minimised and greater weighting given to coursework’s. This of course probably emanating from the frustration revision gives you.

15th May 2012

For Company I decided to tackle the corporate veil and directors duties yet again, then s.172 which states that a director has a duty to promote the success of a company but must have regard to certain factors and finally articles of association which is basically the company’s constitution. That is correct Company and Partnership Law four big questions for one to complete in a matter of 3 hours and 15 minutes and even though I thought I couldn’t manage it I at least answered my four chosen questions. For Company is over.

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Beginning of the End

A very big hello to all my dearest readers!

That time of year is upon us again. Exam time! Last year I shared with you my journey throughout revision and this year has been slightly different as I have begun to share with you my own history and the roots from which I come. I know that there are so  many people that will be in a similar situation to me that have had continuous hardships and obstacles thrown in their way. Trust me the amount of problems and skeletons that keep cropping up it is a wonder I did not drop out.

The Christmas period for me was yet another pivotal point in my life that turned everything around and made me realise (though I don’t need this lesson from life, I’ve had quite enough thank you very much) that nothing will ever be as it seems. Lies and secrets uncovered that damaged my image of those most closest to me when in numbers they are so few.

If you have read the last two blogs perhaps you would have by now put the pieces together and realised that during the summer of 2010 I was kicked out on to the streets with nowhere to go. The kindest of friends took me in and put a roof over my head without one shred of hesitation. That was an emotional period and it still is what with a continuous stream of problems emanating from that one event. However, despite all of that I am finally coming to an end of my time at university. Whether I succeed in this next of the journey shall remain to be seen but again the message here is perseverance and determination.

It’s not easy and many times there have been times where I just wanted to give up on university but my tutors told me to stick at it for a few weeks and then see how I feel then a few weeks went by and coursework was handed out and before I realised I was handing in all the assignments. Even in lectures it was emotional discussions of domestic violence and abuse or formulating a will made me cry endlessly most times right in the middle of the lecture room. Placements constantly reminded me of how unfaithful (not only partners but cousins aunts and uncles etc) some people can be. Having said that there are many people that are willing to help and there are plenty of places where people in similar situations can get advice.

I end by letting you know that if you are having housing issues like mine and are in need of some expert advice then I strongly recommend contacting Streetwise Community Law Centre (based in Beckenham), a quick Google search will provide you with all the relevant contact details but they currently do not have their own website.

For now the very best of luck for exams

Much Love


Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Now living life like a corpse, no trust in any one, no faith in goodness, no belief left in happiness and that’s not the depression talking.

Imagine a childhood surrounded in death, nothing else surrounds you.

Then those that took you in were fake. They were lies.
Those people that put a roof over your head, that put the clothes on your back well they kept tabs on everything, on every little penny they spent on you they wanted back. Those people who claimed to have your best at heart they beat you till you bled, till your lips cracked open and bloated, till your eyes turned black and you had to cover your face with your hair. Any utterance of from you would be met with criticism and then you would learn not to speak.

There were no angels looking out for you, those that died were not protecting you from up above and no prince charming came, there was no light at the end of the tunnel, no saving grace.

Any good you did was called evil, any chore was replied with you being called lazy. Get down on the ground and wipe the floor clean with a bucket and sponge. Cinderella but no prince charming.

Your hunger secondary, your tears primary. Sleepless nights filled with fear but then what would it matter, better to die free then live in cowardice.

Then you learnt to “keep the peace”, say nothing and suffer in silence. Trapped in your own skin, your soul suffocates. Days go by and you learn to pick up a blade but not to those who are slowly killing you but to your own awaiting flesh.

Counting the days to when you would one day be killed or die.

Time going by and the realisation that no one, no one would ever come to save you. No one had the courage and no one could care less.

So through the beats and through the fear you learnt to take it, take all forms of abuse, endure it because nothing can be done without enduring pain. Others had sleep over’s, friends to go shopping with, went to a park but you learnt to stand up through the beats, you learnt to speak against the lies, you learnt to realise the fake, realise what’s real.

But they still entered your head, infiltrated your mind, your thoughts, made you feel worthless, made that small child feel obligated to do anything and everything and so we did. It was never enough.

And they kept using you till one day they realised how much you had grown, till slowly they realised just how much strength you had in you and what once they made cower with fear, what they made crawl into a tiny little corner they now feared.

Did they not realise that the small child they beat would one day grow up? That it would be stronger? Wiser?

Living corpse, inside they destroyed your soul. Shattered belief in anything good. 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Small Glimpse Into Me

I ask myself so many times. Is that the way life really used to be like? Looking at me you would never know, you could never guess the darkness from which I have emerged. Writing in third person comes so naturally it is a way to detach from what is, what was reality. Time at university is running out and soon these blogs from me shall also cease. Certain things trigger ones memory. And perhaps one has to face those shadows at some point too.

Two years ago life was so different. When I began uni this journey was so different, never in a million years could I have guessed all that would occur.

Freedom comes at a price, a very hefty one. Once upon a time I had no freedom, everything was under strict control, under what seemed like to be an unbreakable lock. Any sort of speech was forbidden, any unauthorised movement would be met with harsh chastisement, deep wounds and blood loss. Looking at me who would know?
The only way out is to fight. To swallow your fear, to take the beatings, stay awake throughout the nights to make sure no one tries to steal your life, make sure no one tries to harm you but all the vigilance goes to waste. Fight your fear.

Skip to the future:

All around you you’re surrounded by so many people who have so much more than you. Yeah, they have a nice home, they have nice cars, they have better clothes, they appear smarter but they never had any one use them or rinse them dry, take them for all they have and then kick then kick them to the curb and make them bleed mercilessly. What would they know?

The day we were kicked out:

Think Annie. A suit case, a back pack and as many plastic bags as we could carry. Anything valuable was stolen, anything memorable was burnt. That was last year. 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Placement Essay

So it’s about three thirty a.m in the morning and I’m high on caffeine and excitement, believe it or not, at writing up my placement coursework. The long 4,000 word family piece has been handed in and it was also quite fun to write. This one is almost as good as the other and is 5,000 words.

My question focuses on how legal aid cuts will affect young people and their rights to access to justice, a favourite reoccurring theme and probably the only time one can actually get heated up and discuss the more philosophical side to whether justice in our society is actually attainable. Me thinks...  unfortunate shades of grey...

In a nutshell no one will have access to justice if legal aid cuts are implemented and why??? Because legal aid isn’t there to help rich people who can afford rich expensive barristers but rather for those who can afford no legal representation and cannot afford to pay for expert advice. Legal aid cuts as I have mentioned before will be highly detrimental to our current state of affairs in relation to litigation as it will encourage what is known as litigants in person... in Layman’s terms people representing themselves at court with no legal knowledge or experience.

During the last few days I have spent hours and hours upon studying different articles and reports on legal aid, social welfare and the potential impacts of the legal aid cuts on young people. The more I read the stronger my dislike for the proposed cuts become, legal aid is there to help society’s most disadvantaged people if cuts are made to such vital aspects of society than democracy and Dicey’s rule of law shall surely and rapidly disappear.

Below is a report conducted by Youth Access which provides valuable insight into the affects legal aid cuts will have upon young people and also gives insight into the benefits which law centres and CAB’s provide for young people in need of professional help and advice.

What is your view on legal aid cuts?

Monday, 23 April 2012

Late Night Coursework

So again with the late nights and so much lack of sleep. Currently staying up till the break of dawn only to nap and be on the coffee and Red Bull all day long.

Family coursework though it remains an interesting topic gets more and more difficult to write and at each moment that I think I am getting somewhere I look at how many words I have only to be knocked back again but I preserve nonetheless.

I also have a 5,000 word essay looming so horribly over my head like a dark grey cloud that refuses to budge. How easy it is to write 100 words for this blog but so difficult to even begin an essay but as usual starting is always the hardest step once you breach that the rest is slightly easier. Coffee becomes more and more addictive and being on an automatic mode becomes the norm just keep typing and reading until it is all done.

Exams of course are only a few weeks ahead. I have three to look forward to: Company, Family and Equity. Wish me luck because I certainly need it. This is the last hurdle and despite the many times I have wanted to drop out I have somehow been coerced into remaining at university and in all honesty I don’t even know if I am happy about that or not. It usually fluctuates. We’ll see what happens.

Anyhow on a completely different and more positive note I recently got back my mark for company law coursework and got a nice 60% J

Monday, 16 April 2012

If love had a song EN rmx

If love had a sound it would sound like you
It would flow so melodiously
It would reach in and stay permanently

If I could put a rhythm to the beats of my heart
Then to yours it would tap in tune
If I could compose such beats it would be a work of art
Surely even this simple note cannot compare to au clair de la lune 

If I could strum a love song then it would be this
And when you are to listen it’d be eternal bliss
If my heart could make a sound
It’d show how to you I am so bound

If love had a song it would make us fly
It’d seep deep inside
And even time would no longer be denied
It is fear that would go and hide
It is obstacles that would halt and grind

If love had a song it would never die
Its octaves, its harmony could never lie
The muse hearing its tone from it would inspire
its beauty to your ears and addictive desire

If love had a song it would be number one
since love is something that is fun
and neither one of us is a nun
everything can be said and done

If love had a song it would be raw
Even the cherubim’s would look in awe
Even God would say there is no flaw
Seraphim will fly no more

If the song was for love It would be written in red
it would encapture all the words that were said
it would lead to wedding bells ringing around our head
it would mean that we’d both get the morning bread

If love had a song it would be metal
so much noise no need to settle
with no intentions of taking a break put on the kettle
always keep going even with the falling of petals

if love had a reason to sing it would be
coming to life to gather you and me
to open our eyes so that one another we would see
to capture our hearts and throw away the key

If love had a song it would be me and you
never again will we bid each other adieu
Knowing full well what each has been through
life is too hard to go on without you

If my body was moving to a song of love
it would dance slowly it would push and shove
and my eyes will glance eagerly to stars above
let the night sky be filled with freed doves

With Special Thanks Going to http://eazee-complications.blogspot.co.uk/ Who Constructed The Last Half Of The Poem

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Natural Parent Presumption

So we have another week off which is really nice I guess although my days are just blighted with the joy of coursework. Two left to be precise. First, there is family coursework which I am finding really interesting and it is actually much harder than I first thought it would be. This piece focuses on the natural parent presumption which is the view that biological parents have an automatic right to bring up their child without regard to what is in the child’s best interest. I, for one, whole heartedly disagree with this presumption but what is your opinion? Of course my own view is shrouded by my life’s personal and bitter experiences but I do see why one would argue otherwise. Thankfully, recent case law has seen a change in the natural parent presumption whereby it has been clarified that any discussions of presumptions of the rights of child to be brought up by their biological parent is wrong and that the first and paramount consideration is the child’s welfare. In my opinion genetics play an insignificant role in determining who should bring up a child. One must consider the psychological implications of separating a child from its psychological parent i.e. the case of Re G (Children) [2006] UKHL 43.

Check out our lecturer’s article “Are Some parents more natural than others?” by Lucy Yeatman and Kim Everett. A detailed but easy to read article on the natural parent presumption.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mehendis and Weddings

It is long overdue for a blog update!

Over the last two weeks I have been busy not with revision but rather with shopping for my best friend’s wedding and what an experience that was! This was the first Asian Bengali wedding/mehendi I have ever experienced and apart from a few hiccups it was really nice. The mehendi night had the biggest problem ever. For those of you who don’t know mehendi also known as henna usually happens a day or few days before the wedding and is actually a plant that when crushed produces a dye that can be used on the body to create patterns etc. So on the mehendi night the lady who was meant to put the henna on the bride to be cancelled at the last minute which meant that I and the rest of the family were frantically searching for another henna artist to do the patterns that night. We were able to find a few who were willing to do it although the one chosen was not the best. But all in all it was a beautiful fun night with a few special dance performances by family members.

The wedding itself was filled with colour and one would think it was a fashion competition! With everyone dressed in the best and most glamorous and colourful outfits. A huge hall decked with a red and white theme, a stage for the wonderful bride and groom. The vows exchanged once everyone had arrived it is the start of something completely new, it was an exhilarating feeling for even me. When I saw her walking out it brought tears to my eyes. Decked out a gold, green and maroon dress, she was breath taking. A simple and soft spoken make up but yet so outstanding. The most beautiful bride I have seen J

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I thought I would keep in line with the fun and cheery theme of the last blog. Don’t worry these pictures were taken a while ago hehe. I am focused on complete the horrible coursework that right now is the pain of my existence but instead of telling you all how much it is making me all grrrrrrrrrrrrr I thought I could finally share with you some of my other nice experiences.

As well as discovering all the beautiful flea markets I enjoy discovering parks and as you already know I absolutely love and adore animals and I’ve recently discovered that London has some really cool mini farms that you can visit. Closer to Greenwich is Mudchute farm. I’ve only been there once in the freezing cold but managed to see a huge pig, I never knew they could grow that large and I saw some really cool friendly cows.

Closer to home and most recently I visited a farm in Hackney which was okay. I was disappointed as reviews on the internet it stated that this was a petting farm which turned out to big wrong. All over the farm were signs stating “Do Not Touch the Animals”. A big disappointment, we could not even touch the cats that were not even present. There however plenty of chickens mulling about, two huge pigs and two very cute fluffy donkeys.

My favourite so far has been a farm in Islington which has a really nice petting village which is filled with gorgeous bunnies. This farm is packed with chickens, goats, sheep, ducks, two beautiful cows, pigs, birds and cats but most importantly bunnies!! 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Equity & Markets!

Hey Everyone!

How you all doing? Quick update on life at uni. Fun stuff huh? Lately I’ve been locking myself away to get my Equity coursework done and huzzah I finished it a few days ahead of the deadline and submitted it so that is one less worry. However, big old company law coursework still looms over my head at a whopping 3500 words, my reaction: eeeeeeeeeeeepppp but I will resume writing that up.

This past week has been filled with extra long days and nights attempting to get my head around proprietary estoppel, assurance, reliance and detriment. On the surface it appears to be a hard concept to grasp but like I always say when you persist with something it will usually get clearer. I hope that will be the same for Company Law. There is so much material available that aided me in understanding the concept of proprietary estoppel it is always about reading things a million times before you understand it and finding different sources if you don’t understand one.

So now I must focus my attention on Company. It’s annoying that the sun keeps shining and the sky is blue yet I am stuck inside trying to resolve some made up legal problem.

Anyway on a completely different note I wanted to share with you some of the nice experiences I have had recently. I’ve been so moany lately but there have been some really fun and nice things that I have done. I am a big fan of flea markets and London is packed full of them! I think I have already mentioned Camden; there is of course Greenwich market which during the summer time is simply magnificent. Covent Garden, one of my favourite places ever. It is a brilliant place to soak in culture, relax and enjoy the street performers. My favourite being “Chainsaw Juggler with Great Arse”, not joking that really is his name; I believe there are clips on YouTube of his performances.

A few months ago I discovered Borough market which is a haven for cheese fans. It has fresh beautiful and exotic fish. Some of the produce are so fresh that they are still moving. There are delicious mouth watering desserts. Taste one and you’ll want to try the lot! The people on the market stalls are even friendlier offering you free tasters without the pressure to actually purchase. This so far is one of the best markets I have been to and I highly recommend a trip there. Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

My Affliction Laying It Bare

I thought I would write again about “My Affliction”. Many people will never understand what depression is, indeed many will say they feel depressed down etc but that is not the same. Depression is a deep affliction of the mind and it takes a lot of will power to overcome it and to face everyday life. Lately my affliction has been getting the better of me. It is like a permanent grey cloud that forever looms over one’s heart. Soon I shall be setting an external blog page from this which will be completely open. This grey cloud darkens each day, it is like a having your hands and feet shackled, your breath stifled, your vision blurred and speech restricted, it is a rock placed upon on your heart. For me it has restricted me from functioning normally, everything has become a struggle. Of course, the depression has been brought on by several issues although in fact it has been present for the great deal of my life; surrounded by much too much death, too much betrayal, abuse I guess it takes its toll.

This month I have two pieces of coursework 19th and 26th March. This year has been the greatest struggle whether that is due to the million personal issues urgh. I have had many friends wanting to drop out but even then I have told them that this is the last hurdle, just a few months and we will be done.

Despite all the downers I try to think positive and hype myself up by focusing on the small things that lighten up my moods no matter how dark. So I know lately I think these blogs are turning so morbid and just so uuurrrghh. I want to spread the positive despite all the bad energy that is around.

I think to myself that despite all the rubbish that has happened in life, despite the deaths, the arguments, the illness, betrayals etc I know I have come so far. This journey at uni is my own and so is yours. No one can take it away. Yes, there are so many obstacles will be there for you to overcome no ever said it would be easy. It ain’t anyone else’s battle but yours. People will always get in the way and bad stuff happens that cannot be helped; life is always a learning process. It is hard but persistence and determination will prevail and it will make you stronger. 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fragments of My Mind I

Walking back into the past
Surrounded by a bunch of ghosts
I guess it is time I try to lay you at rest.
Don’t worry I remember how you said life is a test
But deep down inside I’m praying to come back to the nest

Keep looking back on to the past,
Keep searching for your hands,
Keep looking to see what I last saw,
Keep looking back to feel what I last felt

Keep wanting to break free from this reality.

Wanting to reach out and take a hold of your hands the way it should be,
This time tell you to take me with you.
Silly pictures on the wall, they tease me, laugh at me,
No longer do they comfort me. Just a mockery.

I inhale, take a deep breath,
I try to remember your scent
I remember each step,
I remember each slight detail
I try to envision us back then. Care free. Happy.

Now tears a are plenty. Happiness just a word, a distant memory.
Waiting for you to come set me free
Love just a fairy tale.
Something now that everyone continuously fails
On us they repeatedly bail.

I walk the path of old, going over your steps. I wonder can you feel me? Can you hear me?

Next time I’ll tell you don’t let go.  

Monday, 27 February 2012

My Downside and Upside to Uni

So many people have said that once you come to university you will make lifelong friends and in all honesty I never understood this but over these last few years I have met some really amazing people who I know I will never let go or lose touch with.

So I thought I’d write what my personal experiences of the downsides of uni have been. In all honesty I can’t actually say that there are many and the little that I have found are in fact countered by so many other factors.

So for me I think the main downside of uni is knowing that I am surrounded by a number of fake people who do not care about the law but yet ease through it with no hurdles. Of course I don’t know everyone personally so I am making generalisations based on what I have heard and seen.  It frustrates me to know that so many people only care about the money they can make and have no real care for the law and what it is meant to mean.

Many students appear to think that after you have completed your law degree and LPC etc. you will simply walk into a training contract. I occasionally think that everyone needs a reality check. Getting employed people is hard! I have also seen first-hand the amount of peer pressure that is around. One would think that at least by university level peer pressure would no longer be an issue but that is not the case. With so many people bragging about their LPC /BVC applications it does actually put people off and instead of being encouraging it is entirely discomforting to them.

Also, no matter where you go you will always have unpleasant people who remain immature and oblivious to other people’s feelings and emotions and have no idea how to present themselves nicely but hey that is life and no one said this would be a walk in the park. I myself keep a nice large distance between such people so it does not affect me but it does affect the close ones around me which is also very frustrating.

However, having said that, there are that small, reliable, amazing group of people who no matter what time of day it is will always make everything so much better. They are the people who to me make my journey to uni worth it and make the whole thing just that little bit more fun. The genuine people who smile at you for real, who talk to you openly and honestly, who giggle at silly things which make you laugh more, who you can go up to in a lecture room and just cry your eyes out to they are the ones who make uni worth it.

(The opinions expressed here are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the University of Greenwich - Ed.)

Company Law Rhyming

Sitting at a morbid desk,
Typing away and my words are a mess
The smell in the room acrid and grotesque

Sipping on Red Bull
Breaking their silly rule
To do law now I know I’m such a fool

The words in the book blurring,
It is all just becoming too confusing
Actually it’s honestly just too boring
And ever more so just perplexing
It’s become too much of issue I am no longer understanding
They talk about classical veil lifting
Does that even have any real meaning?
Perhaps they actually mean veil peeping
Now my brain is simply melting
All I want to do is keep rhyming

Deep in my mind it’s you I keep missing
The meaning of it never lessening
Despite the many times I keep on repeating
For you my heart keeps beating
Fickle words are never ending
But no one can question the feeling

So staring blankly at the screen
This has become such routine
It’s actually quite obscene

To escape from this foul odour
And away from this building just vapour
To be kept from you just makes me so sour
So I keep on counting the seconds in the hour
Knowing soon I’ll be in your arms gives me the power

Placement Update

Hey everyone! How is everyone getting on? How is uni and everything else in life faring?

So I thought I should give you an update about my placement though at first I absolutely did not like my placement, I have over the many hours come to absolutely admire the ladies/people I work with. Day in and day out so many people call us with a range of issues from housing, welfare, education, employment, the list is quite extensive. Some voices over the phone can be rude, some are erratic, others quiver with so much sadness and tears that even my eyes fill with tears. On my latest day at placement I had two emotional phone calls. The first (as I said before I really can’t divulge details) made me realise that for all the harshness that I am deep down I know that everyone deserves a second chance and that we as society must implement rules that are fair and equal to all. It should not be to hinder them but to help rehabilitate, to support people and integrate them back into society.

The second call the client was in tears and this is the phone call that moved me to tears but of course one has to maintain a professional manner and I told the client to take her time, deep breaths and perhaps a drink of water. What to some people may be a really small matter to another it is life changing and to know that the place I work at makes such a huge positive change in people’s lives is just so uplifting to know.

Help is always at hand it is just about finding the right people to go to. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


You my lifeline
No day of saint can fulfil
To even contemplate showing you all that is inside will take time
Printed words on mass produced cards are just so nil

Everywhere I look my eyes search for you
My every heart beat was made for you
And every step leads to you
No words can define feelings so true

If I could show you but an ounce
Perhaps then you would know the power that lies inside
But to show you is impossibility
That only you can make me feel so lively

The thought of your smile can create life
The sounds of your laughter can move the moon
The depth of your words stole my heart
It’s from you I can never depart

To die for you is not my wish
But to live beside you my eternal prayer
And then be blessed with your forever kiss
To lose you my only fear

No boxes of chocolates, no stuffed toy or dying roses
Can ever be enough to spoil you with
So forget the silly teddies, leave behind the strange manufactured food,
Don’t bring a bottle of wine
Nor take me to a crowded restaurant to dine
Just hold me in your arms, keep looking me in the eyes
And never let me go

Wealth Maximisation Tis Such Commotion

Pack in the towel
And move one
Leave everything behind
Start afresh
Kick the bucket
Set everything aflame
And like a phoenix continue to rise from the ashes
Soar high to reach beyond the clouds
Soar higher to reach the stars

Such a world so full of fakery
Too many people with so much trickery
There’s no need to turn this life into a mockery
No genuine people, only those filled with mimickery

Burn up the deceitful books
Tear up the lying crooks
You all need to just stop and take a good look

Everyone taking everything for granted
And then everything you touch becomes so tainted
The money you earn becomes so bloodied
The food you consume so tasteless
And you become so heartless
No more frankness, you’ve forgotten kindness
The greed and lust has become all your blindness

Surrounded by a principle of wealth maximisation
Life is just a mass of confusion
And the air you breathe only pollution
The clothes you wear just complete fickle fashion
You’ve got way too caught up in all the commercial commotion
That it’s made you forget real emotion
Nothing is left but eternal destruction

Funny how simple words can be so powerful
But can you take heed?
Can you follow the old creed?
Can you give to other’s need?
And forget your putrid greed?
Can you stop being a sheep and take to lead?
A thought though such a small seed,
Millions it can certainly feed

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mini Update

As I make my way across London, on the way to work a cold frost sweeps over the land, slowly covering everything in a blanket of ice. The cold seeps into my fingers tips numbing the sensations. A shower of snow is predicted on the weather forecast, they call it the “Big Freeze”.

Last week was my presentation for my placement, how scared was I?! It only had to last ten minutes and the subject of focus was “How does the rule of Law affect access to justice?” In the first year of law you will learn everything about the famous rule of Law, the idea of which was propounded by A.V. Dicey. In a nutshell the rule of Law is the concept that everyone within the society despite their status, creed and race should be bound by the law equally and that everyone should benefit from it equally too. My presentation focused on how cuts to legal will deny access to justice. Anyhow, after a lot of panic attacks and stressing over the presentation finally got done.

This weekend was our Open Day and it was freezing!! Usually, the cold makes me grouchy but surprisingly this Saturday went by without me being grumpy at work J Sometimes I think not many people realise just how much work and effort gets put in to these events. Everyone as usual did a fantastic job; put on genuine smiles despite being out in the cold from probably around 930 till three were all brilliant.
Coming to the topic of uni work I have three coursework’s to be getting on with: Equity, Company and family, oh! And of course the placement essay. How I will manage that is beyond me. The majority of times I feel as dumb as a post. I have delayed my application for a PGCE; I think it would be more sensible if I got some relevant work experience before applying for anything.

On a completely different note I have developed a new found interest in baking and I am seriously looking into taking up an evening course in baking/patisserie. These last few months have been a real eye opener and I know now that all the anxiety over Law is not worth it. There are many people who love it and are continuing with it with either a Masters or going for the LPC or the BVC however for me as I’ve said before that is not the career that I want. Perhaps later on in life I may come back to it but at the moment I know that I enjoy working more with people and mentoring youngsters and to help them on their way.

At uni it may seem as though you are surrounded by a mass of people who know everything and are brilliant at what they study and practically everything else they do and certain about the career they want after but university is a big, big place and you can be rest assured that there are probably more people who are confused as to what they want to do next and why they even chose their subject but that matters not because after your degree the world is your oyster.