Friday, 25 March 2011

A Small Thank You

See right now I ought to be writing my Torts essay. But these last few days I’ve been blessed by a muse J and I can’t stop writing. It is like a fountain of words exploding in my head, just gushing out like a waterfall and it will not stop till every last word has been drained of me. Now why can’t it be the same with the Law, no fair Muse!
I’ve been wanting to write this blog for quite some time now and it has just been laying there at the back of my head waiting for some inspiration to burst out like fireworks and so here it is...
I think, like I always do, that in life we too often go about doing everything without much attention to those who are articulate and sturdy in our success. So for this week’s blog I am making dedications to many. But firstly and fore mostly, to the man who encouraged me to write these blogs in the first place, who believed in my talent and instigated this whole opportunity: the one and only Sam Harris! Thank you so much for all your encouragement, without you I would not have gone back to my talent which I denied for quite some time. You are simply great.
Of course, to the whole of the Clearing Unit, Enquiry Unit and the ELU Teams who keep putting up with my endless emails (especially Uzma!) and who have given me such great working opportunities, Best Employers Ever!! Team Spencer Forever (Of course I will be biased!)
To my recent Muse, you’ve awakened this sleepy Poet from too long a slumber.
To those friends who have believed in me and stuck by me every step of the way and encourage me to never give up on my dreams, who whilst I’ve been broken and shattered took my hands and led me through the dark, the most beautiful best friend any girl could have: Zamzam, your advice I will treasure close to my heart always. To Zak, Zahra, Shanice and Suji. To Kamal for helping me out so much through some very difficult times, you’re such a dodo but I’ll always be there if you need me.
To my darling Uni girls Makisha and Evelyne, you guys keep me going!! And my coursework and exam hero Ricky!
Ultimately, To My Be, my Guru and Bratty Boo, my sister, who have taught me absolutely everything I, now know. You’ve shown me that no matter how tough life gets you can do many great things. You have taught me to appreciate the arts, to love music, to appreciate life and the amazing gifts it bears. You are the most successful people I know and I aspire in every way to be like you. Without you I would not be this person I am today. Two halves of my heart. A love that will last forever.

Let us never forget those pieces of the puzzle that make us who we are...
Love Forever

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ancient Roman God

I see that playful look in your eyes
And it makes me smile.
Am watching your every movement,
Admiring the signs,

Your giggles just so sweet, innocent,
The sound caught in the wind,
My heart stops
Am wishing to kiss your perfect lips,
Wanting to entwine my fingers with yours
Longing to be close to you once more,

Listen to all you have to say, watch how you formulate the words
Two minds in perfect unison, so far yet so close,
Every heart beat in sync
(As I let these words fall from my ink)

Your smile, your eyes, your voice
Has awakened me from my long sleep,
I am like a newborn babe, the world seems fresh, inviting,
The sun smiles down on me again, the drops of rain more beautiful than ever.

My hands run down your cheeks, surely this is perfection at its best.
I play with your ancient god-like curly hair,
And am wishing I could keep us in this moment for eternity.

When our eyes lock the world disappears
I am caught in your beauty, lost in reading everything about you,
I see the way you are looking at me and then I know nothing is better than this...


I feel you beneath the tips of my fingers, though you’re not there
I can smell your scent lingering in the air
I can feel your heart beat in time with mine though you’re so far away
I can hear the sound of your voice floating all around me
You bring me smiles to my heart,

Your gaze penetrates my mind
You’ve connected to my soul
Awakened me from my blindness

Your words in unison with mine,
Your laughter the sweetest thing ever,
You, so simple, so true.

The music plays
And slowly we sway
Locked in this embrace
You move me with ease and grace
Time ought to stop.

Your hands glide around my waist
Now I feel protected
This moment now locked in time,
I sing along with the rhyme.

Am wishing you was close
Right here by my side,
Am wishing time to fly by
To bring you straight here to me,
Am wishing I could talk to you,
Wishing that I could listen to you and hear your thoughts.
Am wishing to run my fingers through your hair,
And to lie on your chest.

In all this chaos and disorder you’ve brought me to the light,
In all this madness you’re the only that makes any sense.

Nights form into day, they merge together, become a blur,
With you on my mind and you by my side
I am no longer dreaming but living.

Conquered By You

Never, ever did I think it possible that someone would conquer me; to find my fault in this. I challenged many and they failed... all did but You. Within moments you thwarted my well thought out logical plan. So with much grace and dignity I stand down... conquered by You.

This reason and what sense that t’was no longer makes sense. Vision anew.
I stand gracious in defeat and no, not sullen but with energy rejuvenated.
Ready to conquer the world as stands before me naked stripped bare of all obstacles.
I, too, can conquer.

N’er did I know such reason to exist to flatten me. But here....

I stand fallen, in this knowledge.
Stubborn like an ass, was I
But this truth can no longer be denied
All logic and reasoning falters.
I am speechless.

I thought it was but a dream, way beyond my reach.
No longer arrogant, no longer always right, knock down from the high stool
only to be captured by your words...

I am caught by your words, enlightened again. Mesmerised.
Our future awaits, destiny reaches her hand out to us waiting to be taken.
She invites us to live, to take each day slowly but completely.
She whispers to us “the future awaits you so leave the past behind”

This here, right now, the one standing before you is anything but a dream...

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Take a moment, clear your mind, think of nothing but life and its fragility. Forget work, forget school, college and university. Remember those small moments when you felt happiness captured in a fraction of a second. What do you remember? Laughter with friends and family, that moment when a loved one said something and it made you burst out with laughter, made your soul sour high. It is said “happiness does not last”, too many that may seem as if life will be fraught with pain and tears and indeed it is. But dear child if happiness does not last then neither can sadness.
We humans are smart, sometimes too much so and to our own detriment. We complain moan, long, lust and desire for too many things. If for but one moment we can detach ourselves from such restraints life will surely be better. Become enlightened. They say ignorance is bliss too, with time comes knowledge truly innocence and lack of knowledge would prevent heart breaks and pain.
But why do we linger over our misery, our heartache? Life is too short such trivialities. We must seize the day and make it happy. Life only happens once. No one knows for sure what lies beyond. This world is full of unbelievable beauty; its magnificence goes beyond our comprehension. 
Free yourself from the constraints of everyday life, from pain. Leave your possessions behind, travel the world with nothing but the clothes on your back; strip yourself bare. Become free. When we learn to free ourselves from the prison bars of life, money, material objects, pain then and only then will we truly be free.

“...We look before and after
And pine for what is not
Our sincerest laughter
With some pain is fraught
Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought

Yet, if we could scorn
Hate and pride and fear,
If we were things born
Not to shed a tear,
I know not how thy joy we ever should come near...”

~To A Skylark, Shelley~

Nothing Inspiring, Sowie.

Hello All!
How are you all?
Looking forward to uni???

I've now handed in my Land law coursework, my gosh, what a nightmare that was.
We were also required to take a Lexis certification to prove that we knew how to use Lexis
(Which is basically, hmmm, how to describe Lexis, I guess it is like a search engine for all your law needs, you can find statutes (the law) cases and much more)anyhow I took the test several times and nope did not pass hmm, not good.

Anyhow you get a choice of doing Lexis or Westlaw. There are other engines or rather an electronic library, such as Europa, which you can use. And they do train you on how to use these things, I think there should be more training programmes but hey you do get use to using it if you make use it yourself.

That leaves us with Criminal and Tort.... :-(
Criminal: Unlawful and Dangerous Act Manslaughter
Ohh, I’ve got my EU marks on Monday, done quite well so let us hope it keeps going that way.

Aside from that I am not feeling too great, I believe I have a fever coming on urghhhh. I have been intending to put some more poetry and short stories up but I have not had the time to write.
These last few months have been a complete blur of coursework, welcome to university life.
But there are other pleasures J

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Deadlines and Coursework, Happy Days

Land: 7th March
Tort: 30th March
Criminal: 21st March
As you can see there are many coursework deadlines that need to be met and no easy task is that. Land: well, that is about rights over land, covenants, restrictions, burden of promise, successors in title, LPA 1925 and much, much more. This particular coursework is divided into three parts, you think that would make it easier but no actually, it is not. Part of being a solicitor/barrister involves independent research, lots of reading of cases and keeping up with the latest authority and law. So this year, the law department set us the wonderful task of researching dwelling houses and restrictive covenants. And, yes, I do realise that this just sounds like jargon but don’t worry when you reach this level or perhaps even if you’re doing A Level law you will understand all this eventually. This is not to frighten you; it is just a tiny glimpse into the world of LLB Law. And some may feel like it is a waste of time but truly  you learn many fascinating subjects which do have an impact on everyday life such as mortgages, which at some point in everyone’s life they will get.
Criminal law, now who isn’t intrigued by the world of crime?? Admittedly, I have not yet begun this coursework but I will soon, this piece is centred on manslaughter and murder. At first glance murder, manslaughter may appear to be simple but it is not.
Finally, the law of torts. Torts covers such a wide variety of subjects that although, I am half way through the year I find it difficult to summarise in one point. I can, however, tell you that it covers areas such as drivers, doctors and patients, even extends into battery and assault, defamation, employer and employee liability. All such fascinating subjects.
Don’t worry it is not as bad as it sounds J
Now that I think I’ve completely scared you here is something that to cheer you up:      
My Baby Bunny Boo