Friday, 30 September 2011

And so it all begins again!

Lectures have begun and the work is already pilling on! Again welcome to uni life! For those of you who have just joined us I give you a hearty welcome and I hope you enjoy your time at uni. For a lot of people it has not been an easy journey but who said it would? As well as all the parties and those sorts of things which I do not actually indulge in make sure you focus on your studies because although some say first year does not count towards anything it does go on your record and writing from experience it is not worth screwing up your chances thus make sure you attend and participate. Sorry for being such a nag but once you enter your third year of Law you will realise how much all these words make so much sense.
My personal aim for this blog this year is to try and make the whole “getting a career” process a heck of a lot easier. I myself find it utterly confusing when everyone starts talking about LPC, BPVC, training contracts etc so as I educate myself on these issues I will be passing that information on to you but of course do not rely on my words. Make sure if indeed you are serious about a career in Law that you do your own research.
As you know last Friday was induction and we were privileged enough to have with us QC Tim Barnes who is Chair of University of Greenwich Law Advisory Forum, who shared his wonderful wealth of knowledge with us and regards our university very highly. In his own words he described our uni as having an “extremely high reputation” and in regards to our mooting society said “the standards of mooting at this university is extraordinarily high”. My reaction.... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
From my personal experiences I have had several negative comments about this uni which I do not agree with and to have someone such as Tim Barnes say such amazing things is simply amazing for lack of a better phrase. Am sure last year I mentioned we were privilege enough to have Lord Neuberger to visit us. So everyone watch out for people coming this year!
Among his advice the first thing he mentioned which to me is key, is the matter of confidence; one must have confidence in oneself, something of which I lack completely believe it or not. “Seek advice from anyone who can provide it. Do not be afraid to ask.” Time and time again I mention in these blogs to go to your tutors and ask for help etc maintain a relationship with them because you will need their support at some point or another. It is all about NETWORKING!
I know I am being very preachy/naggy but we have been given such a wealth of advice that I cannot keep it to myself. The moment QC began talking I thought of writing a blog based around the advice he has given us. Another issue he mentioned is as obvious as it may sound we all make silly mistakes but to double check your work for those irritating errors such as typos, grammar, punctuation etc.
Use your vacations/holidays wisely. Try and try and try to gain as much experience within the legal field. You will probably be rejected many many times but if you do not apply you will never know so go ahead and try.
And along with all the hard work do enjoy yourself. This is a once in a life time experience you will meet all kinds of people from all walks of life therefore make the most of it whilst you can. You only live once so seize every opportunity.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Third Year Finally :-D

Hi Everyone!

I realise it has been quite a while since I last updated the blogs. To be honest I was awaiting the results letter to come so I could have confirmation of whether or not I go into third year. Anyhooo WebCT says I have passed so now I just await the letter. So Yaaay I guess. That was really hard.

I have also decided what my final modules will be and they are as follows: Family, Company and Partnership Law and placement (Law in the Community) and of course equity is compulsory.

Unfortunately as it hasn’t been much of a summer much of the things I wanted to do have not come to fruition, alas but never mind there will be plenty more opportunities in the near future. The days have been mostly filled with job applications, flat hunting and watching Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple and Poirot.

I would like to consider myself a movie buff so here are some of my favourite all time movies perhaps you all may enjoy:

·         You Can’t Take It With You
·         What Dreams May Come
·         Mr Deeds Goes to Town (the old black and white one)
·         Bringing up Baby
·         It’s a wonderful life
·         It happened one night

As you may come to realise these are mostly old black and white classic movies most of which are by Frank Capra (one of the best talents ever) which are probably better than most of the movies that come out nowadays.

A couple of weeks ago the last of the kittens finally went to his new home L but below are some pics of his time with me. I miss my lil babies so much but I know they have all gone to new happy homes.

In regards to starting third year I have mixed feelings towards starting the new academic new: scared, apprehensive, nervous, excited but yes, mostly terrified. I realise the mistakes I have been making over the last few years and look to correcting this in the months to come. I am sure you all share some of these feelings. Pray tell how do you all feel about starting?

Monday, 5 September 2011

Much Ado About Nothing & Carnival

Hi Everyone!
It seems to have a very long time since I last updated these blogs. In all honesty I have not been up to much. I have written an article for Sui Generis, the law paper for our uni, hopefully it will be used so if it does I’ll let you all know.
As for third year results shall hopefully be out next week and this time let us hope I actually pass and get in. I have been think a lot about my options and am contemplating whether or not I should go for the placement or not. I thought it would be a good idea to network and make contacts to help me further my career in law but on the other hand I much prefer the idea of studying the academics in more detail. Placement requires me to keep an up to date log and well the last three years have shown me that I cannot do this well so perhaps it is not the best of options. My other options are: Evidence, Family and Company and Partnership law. But as of yet I still have not made up my mind.
Last weekend was the carnival, the first one I have ever been to and it was so much fun. So nice to see so much talent, music and just a friendly gathering of so many people just out dancing and having a good time. I also went salsa the other night which was so much fun. Greenwich itself has a Zumba society to if you are joining us this year check it out J