Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Books, Chocolates and Cakes!

Hello my darling readers!

How are you all??

It has been a while since my last blog and much of my days have been filled with reading a lot of books so far the only decent book I’ve read that I really enjoyed is called “Welcome to Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop of Dreams”, by Jenny Colgan, quite a recent publication I think. The beauty of this book is that it is filled with great little goodies about different types of confectionary, years in the famous Mars bar was released and several recipes for different types of candy such as the beautiful delicious coconut ice and the tooth crunching yet highly addictive peanut brittle. This book will definitely take you back to childhood days where penny sweets were widely available in your local sweet shop. The famous local around my old school was aptly named “Chocolate Box”.

My Harlan Coben collection is increasing hehe I have now acquired:
  • One False Move
  • Gone for Good
  • Promise me
  • Miracle Cure and
  • Final Detail

I absolutely adore his books and love the story liners involving Myron Bolitar! Well worth a read! Most of the books I got from a market cheaper than the retail price :-D

In the world of my baking I’ve recently attempted a genoise sponge which is a difficult mixture to attain because of the sheer amount of whisking involved. I who is without an electric whisk was up at one o’ clock in the morning whisking egg whites over the stove for around one hour and thirty minutes. Don’t ask why I decided to cook so late hehe. However, below you see the result of my labour which was individually sized portions of genoise sponge covered in strawberry jam, vanilla pastry cream and then covered in a stabilised whipped cream J

The other pictures are of my home made truffles which actually came out right but me thinks that was a fluke hehe.



  1. Thank you

    I will do my best. Unfortunately I've broken my camera but should be getting a new one in the next two weeks and then I shall post a lot more with baking and other chocolates and everything else going on

    Naz xx