Friday, 28 September 2012

More CVs and Cover Letters

My dearest readers, it has been a very long while since the last blog that is mainly because not much has been happening in the world of me. The job applications are a plenty and can’t complain about anything else.

In the next month I shall finally be graduating from university. It has been an incredible journey but a new one is fast starting up. For those of you beginning the same journey as me do not be disheartened I have had many people telling me of their journey taking up to a year. A lot of the times it boils down to one thing: lack of experience. So get as much in as possible. Try a few days or even a few hours a week of voluntary work. Yes, I know most times this can be time and money consuming but in the long run it will help with not only experience but also confidence boosting and enhance your skills.

In my applications one of the many problems I have come across is the way I write my cover letters and my CV, most that just being wordy without actually saying anything useful and productive. My tip: avoid useless phrases such great communication/interpersonal skills without giving examples.

Also for you fellow Greenwich students out there make sure you make full use of all the on line facilities that Moodle/Get Job Shop have to offer because there is ample of fantastic tips and examples of how to build your CV from scratch and how to compile cover letters and personal statements. It is all about the research that you put not only into the company you are applying to but also into yourself and your own skills and experience.

Also, do not underestimate yourself, your abilities or most importantly your potential. It takes a lot to get through university so just apply everything you’ve learnt in the last three or four years and put it to use on your CV/Cover letter. You’ve learnt how to write essays think of it as writing a mini essay on yourself.

Best of luck


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