Sunday, 29 April 2012

Placement Essay

So it’s about three thirty a.m in the morning and I’m high on caffeine and excitement, believe it or not, at writing up my placement coursework. The long 4,000 word family piece has been handed in and it was also quite fun to write. This one is almost as good as the other and is 5,000 words.

My question focuses on how legal aid cuts will affect young people and their rights to access to justice, a favourite reoccurring theme and probably the only time one can actually get heated up and discuss the more philosophical side to whether justice in our society is actually attainable. Me thinks...  unfortunate shades of grey...

In a nutshell no one will have access to justice if legal aid cuts are implemented and why??? Because legal aid isn’t there to help rich people who can afford rich expensive barristers but rather for those who can afford no legal representation and cannot afford to pay for expert advice. Legal aid cuts as I have mentioned before will be highly detrimental to our current state of affairs in relation to litigation as it will encourage what is known as litigants in person... in Layman’s terms people representing themselves at court with no legal knowledge or experience.

During the last few days I have spent hours and hours upon studying different articles and reports on legal aid, social welfare and the potential impacts of the legal aid cuts on young people. The more I read the stronger my dislike for the proposed cuts become, legal aid is there to help society’s most disadvantaged people if cuts are made to such vital aspects of society than democracy and Dicey’s rule of law shall surely and rapidly disappear.

Below is a report conducted by Youth Access which provides valuable insight into the affects legal aid cuts will have upon young people and also gives insight into the benefits which law centres and CAB’s provide for young people in need of professional help and advice.

What is your view on legal aid cuts?

Monday, 23 April 2012

Late Night Coursework

So again with the late nights and so much lack of sleep. Currently staying up till the break of dawn only to nap and be on the coffee and Red Bull all day long.

Family coursework though it remains an interesting topic gets more and more difficult to write and at each moment that I think I am getting somewhere I look at how many words I have only to be knocked back again but I preserve nonetheless.

I also have a 5,000 word essay looming so horribly over my head like a dark grey cloud that refuses to budge. How easy it is to write 100 words for this blog but so difficult to even begin an essay but as usual starting is always the hardest step once you breach that the rest is slightly easier. Coffee becomes more and more addictive and being on an automatic mode becomes the norm just keep typing and reading until it is all done.

Exams of course are only a few weeks ahead. I have three to look forward to: Company, Family and Equity. Wish me luck because I certainly need it. This is the last hurdle and despite the many times I have wanted to drop out I have somehow been coerced into remaining at university and in all honesty I don’t even know if I am happy about that or not. It usually fluctuates. We’ll see what happens.

Anyhow on a completely different and more positive note I recently got back my mark for company law coursework and got a nice 60% J

Monday, 16 April 2012

If love had a song EN rmx

If love had a sound it would sound like you
It would flow so melodiously
It would reach in and stay permanently

If I could put a rhythm to the beats of my heart
Then to yours it would tap in tune
If I could compose such beats it would be a work of art
Surely even this simple note cannot compare to au clair de la lune 

If I could strum a love song then it would be this
And when you are to listen it’d be eternal bliss
If my heart could make a sound
It’d show how to you I am so bound

If love had a song it would make us fly
It’d seep deep inside
And even time would no longer be denied
It is fear that would go and hide
It is obstacles that would halt and grind

If love had a song it would never die
Its octaves, its harmony could never lie
The muse hearing its tone from it would inspire
its beauty to your ears and addictive desire

If love had a song it would be number one
since love is something that is fun
and neither one of us is a nun
everything can be said and done

If love had a song it would be raw
Even the cherubim’s would look in awe
Even God would say there is no flaw
Seraphim will fly no more

If the song was for love It would be written in red
it would encapture all the words that were said
it would lead to wedding bells ringing around our head
it would mean that we’d both get the morning bread

If love had a song it would be metal
so much noise no need to settle
with no intentions of taking a break put on the kettle
always keep going even with the falling of petals

if love had a reason to sing it would be
coming to life to gather you and me
to open our eyes so that one another we would see
to capture our hearts and throw away the key

If love had a song it would be me and you
never again will we bid each other adieu
Knowing full well what each has been through
life is too hard to go on without you

If my body was moving to a song of love
it would dance slowly it would push and shove
and my eyes will glance eagerly to stars above
let the night sky be filled with freed doves

With Special Thanks Going to Who Constructed The Last Half Of The Poem

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Natural Parent Presumption

So we have another week off which is really nice I guess although my days are just blighted with the joy of coursework. Two left to be precise. First, there is family coursework which I am finding really interesting and it is actually much harder than I first thought it would be. This piece focuses on the natural parent presumption which is the view that biological parents have an automatic right to bring up their child without regard to what is in the child’s best interest. I, for one, whole heartedly disagree with this presumption but what is your opinion? Of course my own view is shrouded by my life’s personal and bitter experiences but I do see why one would argue otherwise. Thankfully, recent case law has seen a change in the natural parent presumption whereby it has been clarified that any discussions of presumptions of the rights of child to be brought up by their biological parent is wrong and that the first and paramount consideration is the child’s welfare. In my opinion genetics play an insignificant role in determining who should bring up a child. One must consider the psychological implications of separating a child from its psychological parent i.e. the case of Re G (Children) [2006] UKHL 43.

Check out our lecturer’s article “Are Some parents more natural than others?” by Lucy Yeatman and Kim Everett. A detailed but easy to read article on the natural parent presumption.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mehendis and Weddings

It is long overdue for a blog update!

Over the last two weeks I have been busy not with revision but rather with shopping for my best friend’s wedding and what an experience that was! This was the first Asian Bengali wedding/mehendi I have ever experienced and apart from a few hiccups it was really nice. The mehendi night had the biggest problem ever. For those of you who don’t know mehendi also known as henna usually happens a day or few days before the wedding and is actually a plant that when crushed produces a dye that can be used on the body to create patterns etc. So on the mehendi night the lady who was meant to put the henna on the bride to be cancelled at the last minute which meant that I and the rest of the family were frantically searching for another henna artist to do the patterns that night. We were able to find a few who were willing to do it although the one chosen was not the best. But all in all it was a beautiful fun night with a few special dance performances by family members.

The wedding itself was filled with colour and one would think it was a fashion competition! With everyone dressed in the best and most glamorous and colourful outfits. A huge hall decked with a red and white theme, a stage for the wonderful bride and groom. The vows exchanged once everyone had arrived it is the start of something completely new, it was an exhilarating feeling for even me. When I saw her walking out it brought tears to my eyes. Decked out a gold, green and maroon dress, she was breath taking. A simple and soft spoken make up but yet so outstanding. The most beautiful bride I have seen J

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I thought I would keep in line with the fun and cheery theme of the last blog. Don’t worry these pictures were taken a while ago hehe. I am focused on complete the horrible coursework that right now is the pain of my existence but instead of telling you all how much it is making me all grrrrrrrrrrrrr I thought I could finally share with you some of my other nice experiences.

As well as discovering all the beautiful flea markets I enjoy discovering parks and as you already know I absolutely love and adore animals and I’ve recently discovered that London has some really cool mini farms that you can visit. Closer to Greenwich is Mudchute farm. I’ve only been there once in the freezing cold but managed to see a huge pig, I never knew they could grow that large and I saw some really cool friendly cows.

Closer to home and most recently I visited a farm in Hackney which was okay. I was disappointed as reviews on the internet it stated that this was a petting farm which turned out to big wrong. All over the farm were signs stating “Do Not Touch the Animals”. A big disappointment, we could not even touch the cats that were not even present. There however plenty of chickens mulling about, two huge pigs and two very cute fluffy donkeys.

My favourite so far has been a farm in Islington which has a really nice petting village which is filled with gorgeous bunnies. This farm is packed with chickens, goats, sheep, ducks, two beautiful cows, pigs, birds and cats but most importantly bunnies!!