Monday, 25 July 2011

Conquering Re-sits

I figured I should update you all on re-sits, ahhhh life!
When doing Law part of the course one has to complete a learning log, which some of you may remember from secondary school days? Anyhooo, this needs to be completed after usually every seminar and occasionally depending on the modules (mainly Torts) after every lecture. Now I am in no position to be preachy but please take it from someone who has not done it, this is worth only 5% but doing it for all modules will give you a nice easy 20% into passing the year. So if you are looking to do law everyone will tell you to complete this else you will be throwing away easy marks. I think at this point I am over being angry at myself and I am just going to hopefully stop complaining and just get on with it. Moaning will not help but will annoy yourself and everyone else. Hehe. So instead go treat yourself J which is what I will be doing ahem. Also, if you are in the same situation be sure to go and visit your tutors they are more than willing to help but are not psychic so will not know or help if you do not approach them. Uni is all about independent learning.  Also, be sure to bring practise answers so that you will familiarise yourself with it and your tutors can help you. I know I will be making full use of them in the following weeks.
The Kittens are growing up fast and have all been reserved to go to their new homes. It will be sad to give them away but at least they will be in safe loving homes. Below are some pictures of how big they have grown.

As for my list of things to do and learn and read that has been put on hold for the duration. I still have not mastered my skates but by October I will have conquered them too.
Stay positive!
Much Love The Poet

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Walking Down That Aisle

I keep asking myself
How did I loose all sense?
Every inch of my body feeling so tense
When ever in your embrace

Foregoing all logic
This sensation my new tonic
Your touch, your kiss, just one look from your eyes
Becomes my elixir to life

Heart missing all beats
Yet this is like no other feat
My mind, my soul ever so mesmerised
Your breath, your lips have me hypnotised

The way you look at me
As if we’re always on that aisle
With you I can endure all of life’s trials
In your arms is the only place I want to be
Without you life is just misery

Argue with me, disagree with me but never leave me
Your mind so deep like the sea
Don’t think for a second that from you I will flee
So give me time to swim,
As for you I will gladly give each limb

See you and all my heart wants to do is soar so high
Can you feel all that I feel in my eyes?
Holding you so close
My heart tells you that words are not false

So take my hands lead me down that path
Hold me in your arms let me share your laugh
Listening to you all night
Then I know for you I want to fight
So then learn patience
And together we can forever unite

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Hi all, I realise the last blog was extremely depressing and this one will hold no good news either. Like I told you I knew that I would fail and I have just seen my results and indeed as predicted I have failed both criminal and torts. No one else to blame but myself. Sometimes things just don’t work out. Alas, my dears that is life. Am I upset? Yes. But now is not the time to cry nor despair just keep the hope alive. Others around me have passed and a few others have also failed. Together we can do this. Is this not funny? That even after so much knock backs even after the last blog where I poured my heart out to you now I am telling you to still keep the hope alive for life is never about winning, it is about wanting to win. Thankfully we have many great people out there who share their beautiful wisdom with us.
“Known is a drop. Unknown is an ocean.”
If you are in the same boat as me, hopefully not, then stay tuned and we can take this journey together. If it’s meant to be then it will be if not then something else lies in wait.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Completely defeated

Nothing left to keep me going. With so many setbacks there is only so much one person can take and I can no longer take anything.
The point of this was to share all uni life and experiences and like I said I wanted to show you all everything I could so this is me defeated. How can I carry on? Why is it everything I attempt to do fails so miserably, everything I have slips from my fingers like sand and then I find myself drowning in its quick sand. Have you any idea of what it feels like to loose everything and then you stand with nothing but yourself, your memories most of which are bad? Why is it that it that all the bad things stick so badly like glue.
Waiting to be rescued away from all the rubbish, wanting to run and hide away from everything so that nothing else can touch me, break me. Let the forests envelop me in their leaves, let the river take me along its stream; let me melt away with the clouds, run free with the wild.
Who knew life could be this hard? And yes , yes, yes I know there are so many others out there suffering a worse fate than this. There are people out there completely homeless with nothing but the clothes they carry on their backs. So then why does society shove money down our throats? Why can we not teach manners and chivalry instead? Why must they all feed us lies of status?
Like I said defeated and even that word is too weak to show you how I feel.
I cried, cried and hurt and it hurt so much. Even walking, talking takes too much effort, drains me completely so how just how can I continue?
Why is there so much suffering and why do so many turn a blind eye? Why do they not feel all the sadness? Can they not see the pain of the orphan child starving in its plight?
Learn empathy and maybe we might get somewhere.
Divide and conquer. Stronger together.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Impending Doom of Results

Hello all my readers,
Sorry for the lack of blogs. Lack of inspiration and things to write I suppose. I do not really want to write a bunch of jargon and things that are meaningless.
Results will soon be out, in fact some are already out. I know for sure that I will have to re-take a few. Alas! That is just my fate, what else can I do but smile at my wretched fate?
It is not all that bad I suppose, there are worse things in life than an exam. I am terrified of the coming year. I have been though for so long but there comes a time when all strong people falter... or is there? I pretend to all others that results do not bother me because I believe I have failed most of my modules but it does indeed terrify me. I write this sitting on my perch, at the moment nothing can bother me, nothing can take away the peace of the night, the calm of the breeze, so peaceful that nothing else could matter but this moment itself. I am so scared but I remind myself who isn’t? But then how many would be in this position? Not that many. It is such a beautiful night and all I feel like doing is taking my suit case and running away as far as possible. I’ve heard of people who drop this norm and go off travelling, oh how I admire them! Life throws many things our way. Occasionally, I almost wish I had a “normal” life but then I would not know as much as I do now and then what good would that be. Knowledge and more so wisdom can be a powerful tool, if only I could make better use of it.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Life, Birth And Kittens

Omg to say the least! Guess what readers my queen as they are known whilst pregnant has had four beautiful babies! What an experience, what a fright and certainly what a night to remember. 23rd June 2011
Today I ventured out into the big old world to meet one of my best friends; we talked and went to watch Green Lantern, which was a really good movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. After which we did some window shopping and parted ways. See tonight I was meant to meet my Guru Be but I was feeling very tired. Having not slept well recently due to the fear of kitty giving birth I attempted to take a 15 minute nap before I set off. This was around eight thirty. So me napping away then kitty decides to jump on the sofa and sit right next to me but she kept leaking at first I thought maybe it is a false alarm but then she started licking herself persistently which was I took as final confirmation so I quickly put a blanky on the sofa to save it and then moved her to her nest under the kitchen table. But then seeing as she didn’t like the box I just put another blanky on the ground for her. Then slowly but surely they each came one by one.

And at each point where I tried to leave her alone she kept following me around. Tell me is this normal behaviour or does my cat actually like me?? In the end I gave up and sat under the table with her. We also made a make shift curtain to give her and babies a bit more privacy, as we speak they are all resting and nursing.

Wow wow wow what a night! And these are just kittens! Life, huh? Can we ever figure it out? Such an emotional experience and many people will not understand my love for animals but hey each to their own.
Wonderful. Seeing life being born, no words can ever explain.
p.s I could not resist letting you see the last picture. The lil yawn is so sweet.