Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Boo & Be

How frustrating I have misplaced the other blog that I had prepared but fear not my thought shall never cease to flow. These last few weeks have been packed with revision and work. Exams and coursework loom over me like a dreaded grey cloud that refuses to pass over.

At the start of this I had told you, dear child, that I would take you on a journey through life and all of its vast beauty and its ugliness. How is it so far?? Is the message getting across? I can only do this whilst reflecting on personal experiences.

EU coursework is due. The paper version lies in front of me. I should hand it in but I refuse till this is done. My brain aches to write something of use.

Already half the year has passed and so much has happened. I have become independent, stronger than I could ever hope to be. There have been plenty of times when life gets too much. Times where I have felt close to the end but here I am standing strong.
Where am I going with this, I hear you ask. Well I have mentioned to not rely on anyone, it is not an easy task once your trust has been shattered just once too many times but there are people out there who regardless of their idiotic, thoughtless comments are there and will remain beside you and continue to stand beside you even whilst you are going through hell and even when you spurn them away. They will remain standing in your shadow waiting for you to fall so that they can catch you in their arms.

So for this week’s blog I dedicate this to Boo & Be.

Who are they? They are the two halves of my heart. When I come crumbling down, when all else shatters like glass... they remain my roots, keeping me strong when the wind blows to harsh. They are the sun and the moon keeping my path alight. They are the ones I am ever staring at basking in their light. And yes, they can be foolish in their words, their actions will never meet what their hearts intend but I cannot be blind to everything they have given me. Likewise for you dear child, you may refuse to believe in the people around you but open up your eyes and let your heart embrace the truth.

These two are the ingredients which make up me. July2007 when my world was crushed yet again, when I had truly given up, when education, music, even those quotes I share with you could not save me it was Boo’s hug that kept my hope alive.

“Hope is one of the things that you cannot live without...”
~Leroy Douglas~

Sometimes in life no words are necessary.

And dear child let me tell you it was enough to keep me going, enough to keep me alive. And now here I am standing tall before you. There are a few people who will say its nothing. And yes, it is hard to ignore such time wasters but continue to fight and you will rise higher.

So to my dearest heart Boo Ninu, thank you for everything. It is a cliché but there are no words to express just how much I love you.
The world is blessed to have your beauty in its presence.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Poem - Someone Coulda Told Me

Someone coulda told me
That this was the way
It was gonna be.

I thought I could live it through,
I thought I knew.

Someone coulda told me
What I was getting into
I knew it like the back of my hand.
Who was I kidding?

Someone coulda told me,
That this was it.
I thought I recognised it.
I was given a different sight.

Someone coulda told me
I came in wrong
I thought “how could I ever be wrong?”
It was slapped on my face, I could never be right.

Someone coulda told me
What this was all about.
To me it was just monopoly
But then I realised the difference:
It was monopoly without the laughs,
Without the light.

Someone coulda told me,
That this is our cruel fate.

Someone coulda told me
That this was just and only life
-          It was no “biggy”

Some people said
“What you crying about?”
Others said “Told you so”
And one strange, individual came and said
“The only way out is death”

Now I stand, stare and say
“ Someone coulda told me...”

~The Poet~

Monday, 15 November 2010

Poem - I remember the time...

I remember the time I used to hold your face,
So close, stroke your cheeks...
These thoughts still bring pain to me.

I remember the time I used to love romance,
Used to love those sweet words,
Whispered only to me.

I remember the time when you would watch me secretly
And tell me you love openly.

I remember being happy,
I remember being in love
And I remember how great it felt
... The invincibility...

My one and only love.
I remember those many texts, emails, letters...
Each and every one filled with passion, innocence... purity.

I remember being loved.
I remember feeling special, the one and only... no need for jealousy, mistrust
I remember being beautiful.

I remember the strength of your arms around me.
I remember the power of your words
Yes I remember.

I remember love...

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Keep me locked in your eyes,
Tightly in your arms,
Hold me close in your embrace,
Keep me safe in your sweet kiss.

Entwine me in your fingers,
Clutch me tight around my waist,
Never let go, stay a hold of me long in place.

Plait yourself with my hair,
Wrap yourself around my neck
And clothe me with yourself.

Keep me warm beneath your skin
And let yourself run wild through my veins,
Keep my pulse going on and on,
Let my breaths run wild and deep.

Cover my body with your moist lips,
As I lie in your place,
Press your body close against mine,
Keep me safe from harm
As I lay in your arms.

Make me be the one you keep,
Stay as my shadow and I shall never set foot amiss.
Let me be the light in your life,
Let me be the breaths you take...
Let me be in every move you make.

Let me be your wildest dreams
Capture me in your fantasies
Let me be everything you want
And I will be all the things you need.

Let me be the sun to keep you warm,
The breeze that keeps you cool,
Let me be your world, you universe.

Let me be all the things you want...

~The Poet~

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Tuition Fees; on the recent demonstrations

I find I must touch again on a topic so vital to us all... education! I do not condone violence but in this particular situation I cannot disagree with it.  We cannot mindlessly criticise these acts of violence, indeed that is the main way in which wars and revolutions have been won, how countries have evolved, how democracy is gained. If the students are hungry enough for it then they must fight! We must encourage our fellow students to protest and even boycott such preposterous fees! It is despicable that in a free and democratic society our government believes it can charge such a laughable amount of money. These kids are not made of money and neither are their families. Yet again this government show their true colours, ensuring that only the rich, upper class can get into higher education and the damned Nick Clegg who vowed not to raise fees has sold his promise for the price of money and power “Little Puppet, dancing to the tunes of his Master”.  Of course we must allow some means of money for salaries and such other nonsense. However, prior 2005/6 we managed perfectly well without fees now the minimum of £3,290 is still barely manageable. Yes, indeed there are grants, bursaries loans etc all of which have some longed out process to apply for and even with the help provided there are vast numbers of students who remain clueless of who to turn to for help and remain in the dark, vast numbers of students who remain terrified of getting into debt, how will future generations cope with this ever impending financial doom looming over their heads???
To assist my fellow students in their fight for fair tuition fees here are a few ideas I have used: petitions, flyers, demo’s etc. Make it big and loud but remember screaming and shouting can only do so much, dear students we must hit these institutions where their hearts lie. We must have support of all teachers, lecturers, universities and all students. Only when the people come together as one entity can it succeed. Ensure that the roots are strong, the foundations must not break for if they do then inevitably the whole body shall fall. Media! The media is a powerful tool- so use it well, create sympathy and slowly but surely things will fall into place. Utilise all sources of media that you can remember the works of our Gandhi and King. Listen to their words carefully.
The students must rise up, they must not falter in their aim... they must continue and persist till they succeed in their endeavour. If the people are hungry enough for it then they will win.

“I will persist until I succeed. Always will I take another step if that is of no avail I will take another and yet another. In truth one step at a time is not too difficult. I know that small attempts repeated will complete any undertaking.”
~ Og Mandino~
"Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten."
~Cree Indian Prophecy~

(The opinions expressed here are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the University of Greenwich - Ed.)

Monday, 1 November 2010

Your knowledge will lead you through...

Life isn’t all fun and games and certainly it has and gives you more than you can ever possibly handle at times. But what can you do?
Pick yourselves up, as all the songs go, dust yourself off ... and keep on marching. Certain situations give rise to obviously different feelings. Let me share with you, dear reader. Like I mentioned earlier, in life you come across those who annoy, aggravate and irritate you and there is nothing you can do but to clench your teeth and smile at them. But one day, one day that will stop and you will no longer have to face them. Your hard work and your determination shall see you through. Put up with the bitterness and arrogance of others for one day you will be in a position much higher than them. Your knowledge will lead you through.
There are those who will put you down, who will criticise everything you do, who will fail at no opportunity to demean and put down all your efforts. Let them not get to you, reader, be strong and determined let their harsh words not bring you down but use them as steps to bring you up... and take each letter, each syllable as steps to reach your goal.
I am ever staring at the sun, basking in its glowing light.
I will rise like the sun ever higher, always reaching further.

 “...There is nothing impossible to him who will try...”
~Alexander The Great~

Occasionally in life mistakes are made. There is no escaping from this. We are humans, built to inevitably hurt and cause pain. And yes we can occasionally be hypocrites; we have double standards, all of which are known to our loved ones. Undoubtedly, you will meet those who intentionally aim to create hurt and harm others and those like most are innocent in their actions. We humans err, we falter; our insecurities like darkness overcome and descend upon us like a swarm of locusts. The key to understanding this like all other things is patience, persistence and perseverance... to gain strength from our hurt, to use our “wounds as our wisdom” and to use our obstacles as our stepping stones.
Open up your eyes to the facade of insecurity, be broken, be shattered, fall for only then will you be able to grow stronger...
The only way to recover from illness “eat a cold and sweat a flu”. Learn that what aims to break you will only do so much. Only you have the power to make yourself stronger, to make you believe in yourself. “Everyman is an island” build yourself up from scratch; if others make you then they can just as easily break you. Yes, it may be a pessimistic view of life but the truth tends to hurt. 

“...The mighty Oak was once a little nut that stood its ground...”