Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Don’t give up. Keep the hope alive.

Hello Readers!
Did you enjoy last week’s lil story? Well, stayed tuned for more similar stories.
This week I am taking a cue from my fellow bloggers as I realise I have not told you much about the life of “Naz, the law student”.
So what’s been happening? Last Monday I had my final EU coursework, more like an in class test/exam, why they call it coursework still evades me. Anyhow, as if the life of law students isn’t hard enough already we now have the rest of the modules coursework to complete: Torts, Criminal and Land. I look forward mostly to criminal as we’ve been told to write a case note, something of which we have not done in a very long time, since the first year and that already feels like a decade away.
Now you know I enjoy having little moral stories so this week shall be no different. A lot of people during their lives at uni have the idea of dropping out and I am no different. Occasionally or rather quite frequently life tends to get in the way with many obstacles, problems and such. Admittedly, I have more than the urge to drop it all behind, to run as far as possible. I’ve even attempted to plan my get away. Amidst all the fear of failing and not being able to cope the feeling takes over you and if fear gets a hold of you then you lose sight of why you began a project to start with.
It is a dangerous feeling, dear child, but fear not, you and I, like so many others are not alone. Uni is a very big step into life. Once there you are thrust into a world full of paper, books, assignments and deadlines but if you learn to how to handle this then everything else will, not really come easy, but I assure you will be able to handle it better.
So this week’s message: don’t give up. Keep the hope alive.
Lots of love, ~The Poet ~

Friday, 11 February 2011

A True Love Story... (In a nut shell)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A long time ago the heavens placed on this dastardly Earth, two innocent and pure lovers. Heaven created their hearts as one and placed half in each of them. Their destiny was to be together forever. Once heaven had finished moulding them they placed them in an exotic island to be born.

But by some cruel twist of fate the girl was born into although a welfare off family were distant, broken and loveless. Her father an abusive drunk and her mother a meek, timid and subservient wife. And whilst out main character is but just a baby her mother dies of a violent, self inflicted, fiery death. Fortunately, our girl is taken care of by her grandmother.

Our hero, however, is brought into a large poor family as the youngest. He is the most spoilt, the most loved, the handsomest. The son of a carpenter, he is born smart, strong and determined. A free spirit.
Now I know not of how these two lovers cross paths but whilst they are just youngsters they meet and Cupid’s arrow hits them. They make a promise to love each other forever, to follow each other to the ends of the earth. Their love so strong that even death’s futile attempt will not tear them apart.

Our heroin, then lives in an apartment above a tailors shop. Her grandmother a chef by profession teaches her the secrets of the trade, the sweet delicacies of pastries and the art of cuisine. Mean while our young, handsome rouge cannot be without his love. With great difficulty his father had managed to put him into college. Bah!! Our young hero was not meant for the books. An adventurer at heart, impulsive and irrational and in love. No walls, no institute could keep him apart from his girl. So he left college. Our hero begs his father “Let me be tailor”. His siblings knew all too well what this meant so he could be close to his lady love, his father had no option. Nothing could keep them apart.

But soon turmoil fell upon our hero’s family (we’ll save that story for another time). His family in an endless bitter feud led our hero to escape. Our bird could not be kept caged so he flew, flew far away from all the dark bitterness. And he lands in the capital of romance, Ma Belle France, but as we know our impulsive hero is irrational. He joins the army. And for several years our lovers are separate, torn apart from each other but no distance could kill their love. Each day they wrote to one another, the days went by slowly but absence made them long for each other so much more.

Finally the day came when our hero’s time in the army was over. Immediately he sent for his lady love. Our youngsters had neither money nor a home of their own. Luckily, our hero’s siblings had settled in this new land and with what money they could pool together finally married our lovers off.

Now I wish I could tell you that they lived long, happy and prosperous lives and in a way they did but like all the biggest love stories this too ends in death. And whilst together they roamed the earth, travelled, loved and laughed many times together they lives were short lived. When our girl was asked “What happens if he dies, what will you do then?” she replies “Nothing. I will die and follow him.” Dearest reader, do you know what happens when our hero dies??? Our girl with no second glance at life follows him one last time.

Amor Vincit Omnia

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Too often do we ignore how valuable life is. We waste time on petty arguments, materialistic nonsense, and goals with no meaning and end. And at the end all we are left with is nothing. Born naked into this world we leave taking with us but just our memories. Money, clothes, cars, homes; everything will disintegrate when it comes to death. We will leave our marks instead in the hearts of those who love us. Life becomes only meaningful, worthy, when our absence (as sadistic and depressing as it may sound) leaves a hole in the hearts of others. Life becomes meaningful when you know that there is someone out who will shed tears without your presence.
Tears and life are priceless. Fame and fortune are mere distractions, illusions to what life’s true meaning is.
Thousands may adore you, may idolise you but they can never simply love you. In all your flaws, mistakes and ignorance they will never love the small things you do. The only ones that matter are those who rule over our hearts, those who inspire us everyday to be better, who believe in us more than we could ever possibly believe; those are the ones who make life worth living. They are the ones who bring us ever lasting happiness; as much happiness they bring is as much sadness as their absence leaves. Let us never forget.
Through life and its hardship the foundations that keep us alive, together are the ones who love us.