Thursday, 27 October 2011

All About Kitty

What an eventful weekend, quite emotional. Kitty as I mentioned before was pregnant only I did not realise just how far gone she was. Over the week I finally managed to get her a place at Cats Protection so Friday night I talked my sister into letting her stay the night so that I she wouldn’t go off and I wouldn’t have to chase her. You can guess what happened next. 
It was around 2.46a.m that I woke up hearing her meowing. Not only that I heard other meows that I know was not her voice so I got up to inspect and low and behold two babies had been born J  One the eldest was black and white and the youngest was like a mini tiger stripy black and white tabby like. The rest of the night I stayed up monitoring Kitty and the babies.
I was quite concerned that she was still quite big and worried that there were more babies still in her so I called up numerous vets to see what they advised. Most said that it would be best to take her to a vet. This was all around six in the morning. Having done some research on the internet I came across articles that stated it may be an interrupted pregnancy which usually takes 24-36hours. I called up Cats Protection and updated them on the situation and they reassured me that they would still take her in. I thought to wait it out for a while as Kitty was not in any distress and was eating and acting normally.
A few hours later I had a friend come over and then after speaking to him decided to wait on it still but being as worried as I was I called up my local vets and they told me to bring her and the babies in immediately. I hate taking her on journeys as she gets so distressed but after seeing the vets we were given the all clear no more babies on the way. She was just bloated because her bladder was full which he released. I was so relieved! We went home and I called up Cats Protection who informed me that I could bring her in on Sunday L . For most of the night I did not sleep just continuously kept an eye on mummy and babies. They were all fine.
The next morning was emotional and sad for me having taken care of her for so long. On the way there I got a bit lost but found it finally. The people were all so excited at the prospect of having my little babies and each moment my heart was being broken. If only people took proper care of their pets. The neighbours who had at first said she belonged to them later when she was pregnant with the second litter said she was not theirs well what can one do? Whilst I could I took as much care of her as I possibly could and now I know that eventually she will find a better home and be looked after properly. The babies I have been reassured will not be separated and I can call them at anytime to find out just how they are doing. Bit sad but it is for the best...

Monday, 17 October 2011

Back To Basics

Back to basics. I seem to have gone off too much of tangent, way off track and forgotten the real reason why I wanted to write these blogs in the first place. At least that is how I feel. I feel like in all the worry and the frustration of exams and re-sits I have overlooked and taken for granted the many beauty of things around me.
I wrote in my first blog to you all that I wanted to share this journey with you all, the good things as well as the bad but lately I feel all I have been doing is telling you all the bad things and taking these blogs for granted. The feeling of which I began this had been forgotten to me but its better late than never.
Sometimes in life bad things happen, it is inevitable like death... sorry to be so morbid but that does not mean that we linger and pontificate (great word isn’t it!) on it. Life deals us a certain card and we deal with it the best way we can or sometimes not the best way. In any case what the important thing is what we take out of it. To learn, to change, to better ourselves from it. Past is past.
And yes it will occasionally loom over us like a dark cloud in winter and sometimes that dark cloud will burst and will pour down on us with memories we would rather forget... but we must not forget. Never forget the bad because it will make you take for granted all the good. Around us we have so so very much. The world at the tips of our fingers, food so easily gotten, communication (texts, emails, telephones, mobiles, letters, fax BBM stuff etc) so easily overlooked. I hate to be preachy. That is not my intention. My intention is to inspire. To show you all the beauty around you even if does appear so ugly.
I’ve complained about bills and rent etc but at the end of the day I have a roof over my head. I have a laptop in front of me in which I can write this to you, in which I can go on Twitter and Facebook etc and keep in constant touch with my friends. A whole library can be accessed through the touch of a button which saves me from paying to go to the library. All around us there are so many people who can barely afford to eat so what is there not to be grateful for when our cupboards and fridges are well stocked up?
I have the privilege of working for my beloved university and there are so many people out there who are out on the streets in the cold selling magazines i.e. Big Issue sellers or playing music just to make ends meet.
Life despite its obstacles is simply beautiful and we should be grateful for all the small pleasures we have because there are so many out who are not as fortunate as we are. Let us never forget.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

First Day of Placement

Hi Everyone!
Apologies for the lack of blogs lately. I have attempting to settle into back into uni and my! What a task that is!
In the simplest way: everything is terribly difficult L lots of reading to do, more than usual but hey that is law for you.
Today was my first day at placement; luckily I had a colleague with me so it was not too bad. Errrm to be honest and I can be so brutally honest on here it was not what i expected. What I expected was a really busy law firm with masses of people coming in and out but that was not the case. In fact it was relatively quiet in kind of small-ish place. The morning was ahem dull perhaps because it was the first day and we are new etc etc. We were given extremely brief details as to carry out certain tasks such as filling in forms when there was a caller with a legal query. I have no previous experience in working within the legal environment so perhaps that may explain my lack of confidence although as I have mentioned before I have major confidence issues hehehe.
Anyhoo I was privileged enough to be able to sit in on one of the appointments with a client but of course I cannot divulge the conversation that transgressed between the solicitor and client but it was an eye opener, quite educational and emotional too.
In the afternoon things perked up a bit and I started to enjoy it a bit more. I was placed on the phones and again I am unable to tell you the nature of the calls but most of what I did was to take down personal details and details of their enquiry. The day of course did not run smoothly for one I felt I almost broke the photocopier but I did not I just pressed the wrong moment ahem *bimbo moment* and also completely forgot that I should fill in the same form if another agency were to call on a clients behalf...lesson learnt J
Much of the time when I am at uni and thinking about all these fascinating solicitors and barristers I think of what their journey to law must have been like so today I took the liberty of asking the solicitor if I could be presumptuous enough to ask how she got to her position and as I asked this as I was about to leave she kindly said she would not mind and that topic could be left for next week. I look forward to it and hopefully I can be more proactive and engaging with them though I realise that they are busy with much more important issues.
Aside from placement the more academic side is going swimmingly... NOT... Company law is a puzzle to me still. I seem to be surrounded by a vast majority of people who understand it without even trying. No amount of reading and studying seems to aid me but it is still early days and I guess I look forward to the challenge.
Equity is, surprisingly not as hard to understand as Company Law, it is a vital course as it will affect everyone at some point in their lives. I will go into more detail about this later on as I am still getting used to the language that Equity uses.
And as for Family Law we have only had one lecture so far (the lecturer being absent last week) but it is the topic that most fascinates and intrigues me. Already emotions are flaring and horns are locking of some of the issues brought up. Again I will write another blog on this issue hopefully later this week so as to give you an idea as to why everyone is getting worked up.
Hopefully I have not bored you too much. I know usually I try to leave a little inspiring message but for the life of me I cannot at the moment think of anything perhaps just to stick to it no matter how hard it gets, hard work will pay off eventually.

Ooooh and guess what Kitty is pregnant yet again ahem J

Another Ooooohhh University of Greenwich Open Day this Saturday! So come along if you have any questions and would like to visit the university. Welcome Talks start at 10:00 and all of our campuses will be open.
Look forward to seeing you there J