Monday, 27 February 2012

My Downside and Upside to Uni

So many people have said that once you come to university you will make lifelong friends and in all honesty I never understood this but over these last few years I have met some really amazing people who I know I will never let go or lose touch with.

So I thought I’d write what my personal experiences of the downsides of uni have been. In all honesty I can’t actually say that there are many and the little that I have found are in fact countered by so many other factors.

So for me I think the main downside of uni is knowing that I am surrounded by a number of fake people who do not care about the law but yet ease through it with no hurdles. Of course I don’t know everyone personally so I am making generalisations based on what I have heard and seen.  It frustrates me to know that so many people only care about the money they can make and have no real care for the law and what it is meant to mean.

Many students appear to think that after you have completed your law degree and LPC etc. you will simply walk into a training contract. I occasionally think that everyone needs a reality check. Getting employed people is hard! I have also seen first-hand the amount of peer pressure that is around. One would think that at least by university level peer pressure would no longer be an issue but that is not the case. With so many people bragging about their LPC /BVC applications it does actually put people off and instead of being encouraging it is entirely discomforting to them.

Also, no matter where you go you will always have unpleasant people who remain immature and oblivious to other people’s feelings and emotions and have no idea how to present themselves nicely but hey that is life and no one said this would be a walk in the park. I myself keep a nice large distance between such people so it does not affect me but it does affect the close ones around me which is also very frustrating.

However, having said that, there are that small, reliable, amazing group of people who no matter what time of day it is will always make everything so much better. They are the people who to me make my journey to uni worth it and make the whole thing just that little bit more fun. The genuine people who smile at you for real, who talk to you openly and honestly, who giggle at silly things which make you laugh more, who you can go up to in a lecture room and just cry your eyes out to they are the ones who make uni worth it.

(The opinions expressed here are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the University of Greenwich - Ed.)

Company Law Rhyming

Sitting at a morbid desk,
Typing away and my words are a mess
The smell in the room acrid and grotesque

Sipping on Red Bull
Breaking their silly rule
To do law now I know I’m such a fool

The words in the book blurring,
It is all just becoming too confusing
Actually it’s honestly just too boring
And ever more so just perplexing
It’s become too much of issue I am no longer understanding
They talk about classical veil lifting
Does that even have any real meaning?
Perhaps they actually mean veil peeping
Now my brain is simply melting
All I want to do is keep rhyming

Deep in my mind it’s you I keep missing
The meaning of it never lessening
Despite the many times I keep on repeating
For you my heart keeps beating
Fickle words are never ending
But no one can question the feeling

So staring blankly at the screen
This has become such routine
It’s actually quite obscene

To escape from this foul odour
And away from this building just vapour
To be kept from you just makes me so sour
So I keep on counting the seconds in the hour
Knowing soon I’ll be in your arms gives me the power

Placement Update

Hey everyone! How is everyone getting on? How is uni and everything else in life faring?

So I thought I should give you an update about my placement though at first I absolutely did not like my placement, I have over the many hours come to absolutely admire the ladies/people I work with. Day in and day out so many people call us with a range of issues from housing, welfare, education, employment, the list is quite extensive. Some voices over the phone can be rude, some are erratic, others quiver with so much sadness and tears that even my eyes fill with tears. On my latest day at placement I had two emotional phone calls. The first (as I said before I really can’t divulge details) made me realise that for all the harshness that I am deep down I know that everyone deserves a second chance and that we as society must implement rules that are fair and equal to all. It should not be to hinder them but to help rehabilitate, to support people and integrate them back into society.

The second call the client was in tears and this is the phone call that moved me to tears but of course one has to maintain a professional manner and I told the client to take her time, deep breaths and perhaps a drink of water. What to some people may be a really small matter to another it is life changing and to know that the place I work at makes such a huge positive change in people’s lives is just so uplifting to know.

Help is always at hand it is just about finding the right people to go to. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


You my lifeline
No day of saint can fulfil
To even contemplate showing you all that is inside will take time
Printed words on mass produced cards are just so nil

Everywhere I look my eyes search for you
My every heart beat was made for you
And every step leads to you
No words can define feelings so true

If I could show you but an ounce
Perhaps then you would know the power that lies inside
But to show you is impossibility
That only you can make me feel so lively

The thought of your smile can create life
The sounds of your laughter can move the moon
The depth of your words stole my heart
It’s from you I can never depart

To die for you is not my wish
But to live beside you my eternal prayer
And then be blessed with your forever kiss
To lose you my only fear

No boxes of chocolates, no stuffed toy or dying roses
Can ever be enough to spoil you with
So forget the silly teddies, leave behind the strange manufactured food,
Don’t bring a bottle of wine
Nor take me to a crowded restaurant to dine
Just hold me in your arms, keep looking me in the eyes
And never let me go

Wealth Maximisation Tis Such Commotion

Pack in the towel
And move one
Leave everything behind
Start afresh
Kick the bucket
Set everything aflame
And like a phoenix continue to rise from the ashes
Soar high to reach beyond the clouds
Soar higher to reach the stars

Such a world so full of fakery
Too many people with so much trickery
There’s no need to turn this life into a mockery
No genuine people, only those filled with mimickery

Burn up the deceitful books
Tear up the lying crooks
You all need to just stop and take a good look

Everyone taking everything for granted
And then everything you touch becomes so tainted
The money you earn becomes so bloodied
The food you consume so tasteless
And you become so heartless
No more frankness, you’ve forgotten kindness
The greed and lust has become all your blindness

Surrounded by a principle of wealth maximisation
Life is just a mass of confusion
And the air you breathe only pollution
The clothes you wear just complete fickle fashion
You’ve got way too caught up in all the commercial commotion
That it’s made you forget real emotion
Nothing is left but eternal destruction

Funny how simple words can be so powerful
But can you take heed?
Can you follow the old creed?
Can you give to other’s need?
And forget your putrid greed?
Can you stop being a sheep and take to lead?
A thought though such a small seed,
Millions it can certainly feed

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mini Update

As I make my way across London, on the way to work a cold frost sweeps over the land, slowly covering everything in a blanket of ice. The cold seeps into my fingers tips numbing the sensations. A shower of snow is predicted on the weather forecast, they call it the “Big Freeze”.

Last week was my presentation for my placement, how scared was I?! It only had to last ten minutes and the subject of focus was “How does the rule of Law affect access to justice?” In the first year of law you will learn everything about the famous rule of Law, the idea of which was propounded by A.V. Dicey. In a nutshell the rule of Law is the concept that everyone within the society despite their status, creed and race should be bound by the law equally and that everyone should benefit from it equally too. My presentation focused on how cuts to legal will deny access to justice. Anyhow, after a lot of panic attacks and stressing over the presentation finally got done.

This weekend was our Open Day and it was freezing!! Usually, the cold makes me grouchy but surprisingly this Saturday went by without me being grumpy at work J Sometimes I think not many people realise just how much work and effort gets put in to these events. Everyone as usual did a fantastic job; put on genuine smiles despite being out in the cold from probably around 930 till three were all brilliant.
Coming to the topic of uni work I have three coursework’s to be getting on with: Equity, Company and family, oh! And of course the placement essay. How I will manage that is beyond me. The majority of times I feel as dumb as a post. I have delayed my application for a PGCE; I think it would be more sensible if I got some relevant work experience before applying for anything.

On a completely different note I have developed a new found interest in baking and I am seriously looking into taking up an evening course in baking/patisserie. These last few months have been a real eye opener and I know now that all the anxiety over Law is not worth it. There are many people who love it and are continuing with it with either a Masters or going for the LPC or the BVC however for me as I’ve said before that is not the career that I want. Perhaps later on in life I may come back to it but at the moment I know that I enjoy working more with people and mentoring youngsters and to help them on their way.

At uni it may seem as though you are surrounded by a mass of people who know everything and are brilliant at what they study and practically everything else they do and certain about the career they want after but university is a big, big place and you can be rest assured that there are probably more people who are confused as to what they want to do next and why they even chose their subject but that matters not because after your degree the world is your oyster.