About Me

To get the formalities out the way... My name is Naz. As you may or may not already know, from my first entrance I am a Second Year LLB law student as time goes by we shall become well acquainted.
I will not conform like the others to give you a thorough account of my journey to Greenwich Uni. However, each time I write I will share my journey with you; as the days progress I will show you my experiences of Greenwich that which makes me fall so deeply in love with it and that which annoys me (Film shoots!!)
And so... Let me take you on a journey... a journey through life and its many pleasures, its pain, through its tears and laughter, through birth and the inevitable end of all things death. Lend me your ear and I shall attempt to give you a glimpse of the delicacies, the intricate details of life, how complex and yet so very simple everything really is.