Thursday, 26 January 2012


Impossible to ignore you
For you make life so true
Being away from you is too cruel
Your presence my only fuel

In your embrace I could never turn away
My feelings for you will never fray
How can you think it’s possible for me to keep you at bay?
In your arms is the only place I wish to lay

Life will bring obstacles in abundance
The journey be paved with thorns and without you I am forlorn
Yet my heart knows only you, it’s the truth that away from you I am reluctant
 To hear you sad, to see you sad I am so torn

Only you make this path so worthwhile
We can bide our time
Together I know we can make it through
Holding your hand, a bliss I never knew

Soul so fractured
When a distance comes between
Nothing can be seen
But this we have ventured
And our hearts have nurtured

A smog around us may arise
Yet the emotions are no lies
Words so simple they are inadequate
To describe feelings so animate

Jealous eyes may us surround
But they can never know what love us binds
Angry words will exchange
But what lies inside will never change

To turn away from you a mistake
Something I can never make
Our bond too strong
No ... this is not fake

Forever You

Far from you I keep hurting
The heart inside though beating keeps on bleeding
It is my soul that keeps pining
My mind that keeps frustrating
The distance between keeps me moaning

Away from you your essence I keep longing
To look into your eyes I keep wanting
Destiny may keep us apart
But you are never far from my heart

Silly arguments will come and go
But from my heart you can never flow
The passion, the emotion inside if only I could show
What lives inside I guess you may never know

Every time I hold you I feel a sense of peace
In your arms I could never feel triste
Happiness I say never lasting
Who am I kidding? With you it is never ending

To hold your hand a treasure indeed
Only you that I could ever need
My love for you the only creed
In this the only thing I believe

A seed you planted so long ago
But from my sight you kept so low
Now Fate has spoken
This seal can never be broken

Life has granted me a beautiful token
My heart and soul you have finally awoken
To be beside you my only mission
A life with you my only vision

Distance between like an ocean
No wonder it is you I keep missing

It is your heart I keep craving
Your smile that keeps me living
Your talk that keeps me giggling
Your mind that keeps me admiring

It is you I will forever keep loving

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Go Greenwich!

Hey Everyone!

I found some interesting statistics about our uni as I was going through my emails and I just had to share it with you. Many people underestimate our uni but I think the results speak for themselves.

I have just done the National Student Survey for this year and I hope that our uni comes shining through. Having said that do not worry I was not biased just to give our uni a good image, far from it. Generally in my honest opinion the lecturers do a really good job. I believe that there are some who can drive you to boredom and frustration but on the whole it is quite decent.

Of course by now you have all read my many rants against the system etc but that is not a reflection of the tutors themselves because they are simply amazing individuals who when approached provide you with more support than you can imagine. And what makes it even more beautiful is that when you do make the effort to reach out to them they really do believe in you and we could all use a bit of belief. I know I do.

Some topics are very hard. I’ve had to re-sit a good few times but with hard work and perseverance it will pay off, you just have to keep pushing through and I know how hard it is to want help but be totally afraid to ask for it, and even be too proud but pride comes before fall, we just have to swallow it and ask for the help that we need and deserve.

Best of luck to all those wanting to embark on a law degree and
Congratulations Greenwich!

National Student Survey 2011 | Our law students were the most satisfied students in the UK

Sunday Times University Guide 2012 | Law at Greenwich is ranked 39th out of 99 universities and 2nd for teaching excellence

The Times Good University Guide 2012: Law | Law at Greenwich is ranked 42nd out of 95 universities and 1st for Student Satisfaction

Guardian Newspaper University Guide 2012: Law | The Department is ranked joint 1st in the UK for students 'satisfied with teaching'

Guardian Newspaper University Guide 2012: Law | The Department is ranked 1st in the UK for students 'satisfied with feedback'

Can you hear my silent prayers?

Can you hear my silent prayers?
Can you hear my heart crying inside?
Silent words not ushered
Echo and reverberate throughout time
To be without you is truly such a crime

My heart longs to have you close by
Being in your arms I feel I can fly
Pain oozes out of me each moment
Spent away from your loving gaze
Even walking and talking, breathing without you everything becomes such a haze

Our love truly an everlasting flame
That can never be tamed
A force that cannot be named

My heart aches every moment away from you
Being separated from you just makes me so blue
Fate so unfair to keep us at a distance
But makes my heart tug evermore, making me persistent

Silent prayers keep resounding
Our hearts keep this flame burning
Words so simple a testimony to a love never ending.

How can it be this way?
So hard to make any step? So hard to eat a morsel?
So hard to awaken when so far from you?

Why is it so difficult being away from you?

Your laughter, your smile, the look in your eyes
My energy source

Truly it is not possible to go on without you

Monday, 16 January 2012

Placement & Other Uni Stuff

This week at placement was actually quite cool. Ever since I have realised and admitted that law is not what I want to do, working there has been a bit easier. It was a bit busy what with coming back after the break. All the solicitors were inundated with so much work. One has to admire just truly how amazing these people are. I don’t think I could ever do what they do but then they must really have a passion for it. Each day these people continuously change other people’s lives and fortune. After making several phone calls I was asked to deliver a bundle to the Royal Courts of Justice. How cool is that?! Despite the whole thing taking four hours to do i.e. travelling there and back, when I got there I was taken aback by the magnificent structure and architecture of the building. Why they still do not make such structures evades me.

Being back at uni is for me a breath of fresh air. There are plenty probably the majority of the mornings where actually I just wanted to hide beneath the covers and keep myself away from the world but that won’t help me. This Thursday was particularly difficult as I tried to delay coming into uni as much as possible but after a while I successfully managed to drag myself out of the house. And actually the lecture was not so bad after all.
The coursework season has begun again with Family, Company and Equity all looming around us. As of yet I have done no preparation due to certain circumstances but as the days go on this shall hopefully all change and I will have it under my control to a certain extent.

Keep working hard everyone! 

Monday, 9 January 2012

Welcome 2012

Hello my dearies,

Well, what can I say? Reflecting on the past year again it has been such a tough and perilous journey but with much perseverance we shall all come through... somehow. In all honesty as 2011 came to its swift end more personal problems arose so much so that I have again contemplated dropping out of uni. However, today was the first day back at uni and I am happy that a routine is beginning again. During hard times when you feel alone, speaking from experience it is vital that one reaches out so as I eventually came to terms with my issues I wrote to my tutors explaining that I had some difficulties with getting any work done at all. Today I spoke to the tutors that I feel I can confide in and they are so supportive. Many people do not realise that when you reach out for help there are many people out there who will support you so please everyone do make use of everything and everyone around you. You will be amazed at just how truly wonderful some people can be.

Luckily I managed to pass my Equity coursework (I got 50%) it is not the best mark but I am happy that I could achieve that despite everything. A lot of times during uni people feel the need to compete with others which to me is not realistic and not good for one’s own self esteem. You can only compete with yourself though it may be hard I think it is vital to not compare one’s own academic achievements to others. I see from others around me that all that does is make people feel worse about themselves. You are your own worst judge. Know what it is you are capable of and set goals to that standard and slowly, slowly aim higher and higher. It can only be done with small steps. I am definitely not the most academically gifted but what I lack others may have and what others lack I may have. Most tutors are aware of this you just have to really reach out and voice your concerns. After your degree the world is your oyster and perhaps from this we all can learn what we really do enjoy (which I have and that is mentoring and teaching) and what you are good at. Usually what you enjoy is what you are good at and even if that is not the case, who cares? Don’t stop doing something just because others and grades say you are not good enough. Back when I was doing my A Level English Literature my grades showed that I was a terrible writer (much to my dismay) but here I am reaching out to who knows how many people in the form I love most. I love writing and I enjoy being able to express myself through these blogs, poetry etc and yes there have been plenty of times where grades have showed that writing is not my forte and it has stopped me from writing but then it is only I who suffered. So never stop trying despite all the hurdles. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not good enough.

Much Love As Always xx