Monday, 23 July 2012

Update on Not Much

Still a few days have passed from when I got my results... that feeling that yes finally I’ve done still hasn’t left me.

Those endless days and nights convincing myself that I couldn’t do it, giving up not having the energy to continue believing. For you my readers I kept up the facade maintained the encouragement and the strong words but deep inside all the strength had completely ebbed away. The lack of hope had broken my heart. The betrayal from all around had taken its toll. In January it was my intention to just leave completely without looking back and as you probably know my tutors convinced me to just stay for a few weeks to see how I feel after a few weeks, I could not escape the coursework’s nor the need to revise. Somehow the consistency, the strength of my beautiful friends and my wonderful tutors, all my loved ones kept me up.

My beating heart had lost all hope. I gave you a glimpse into me, shared with you the raw emotions and the brutal history and truth from which I came. Sure it is not that bad and it could be worse but this is my story to tell, my journey that I am sharing with you.

The days now pass by with as you guessed, job hunting, not much else to say on that front. Quite boring and tedious but still fun and exciting too knowing that soon I shall be out in the real world with a full time job.
On the baking front my silly camera has now died L It fell so horribly on to the floor and the zoomy thingy is stuck and won’t retract back. So now I am on a mission to find a new and better camera, suggestions are very welcome J

To those of you who may not have done so well and are still on your journey at uni I say keep your hearts firm and your heads in the books. Enjoy this moment for soon it shall be over...

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