Wednesday, 29 September 2010

My first blog...

“If you have knowledge let other light their candle in it.”
And the question arises again.
There comes a time in every man’s life where he shall fall. The question lies has he the will to stand up again? I have, can you?
Greenwich! Where time begins.
You are so very beautiful; within your white walls I feel at home, at peace. The world goes by but you are never changing. Your beauty is one that enthrals all. On that summer day, Greenwich, you captured me with your golden topped dome, painted walls and locked me within yourself. This would be home for the next four years. My sanctuary.
Your beauty and friendliness reminds me of La Belle France. It reminds me of childhood days so carefree, so happy and ever so mesmerising.
How can I introduce you to myself? As time goes by we shall become well acquainted. With you, dear reader, I hope to make your heart smile.
Let me commence with a question. What brings you here, dear reader? To this page? What brings you to Greenwich? Whatever the answer maybe life has a way of lurching out at you and pulling you along its roller coaster ride and whether you like it or not you must follow!

It was a long, arduous process to get to the position that I am now in. Hard yet liberating – to love yourself, to appreciate and accept life’s mysterious ways is indeed a great challenge. In doing so you will begin to join the path towards enlightenment.

So let us finally begin our introduction: Second year LLB law, how very proud I am to have the pleasure of saying that.

My first year at Greenwich was a real eye opener. Legal Method, English Legal System, Contract and the most dreaded Constitutional and Administrative law. It was difficult to put it simply. Treacherous! Yet all it required was my full attention, my attendance and commitment. All of which it did not have.

I had made the entrance to study law no easy task – for law or any other subject. To stay here required so much more. In my first year I met many people as you will do too and only two of those became close friends. I admired my lecturers, aspired to be like them but how could I with so much confusion and loneliness going through my mind.
I went on as normal, as best I could. The months went by and I remained a below average student. Summer time came and so did the exams – I did what I could which was not much considering all the seminars and lectures missed. I remember a teacher from my school days describing the exam period: all along the year we’ve been jogging. It was a race and the final line, the finish line was well in sight. All we had to do was sprint with all our might towards the end.” And so I sprinted, poured what I thought was my all into revision and such but then those results came out I should not have been surprised. The exams I passed but re-takes were in order for all my coursework’s. Sigh.
It was all but one module and even that all but one percent 39% and they still made me retake the dreaded Constitutional and Administrative Law. At least this time I would show them what I was really capable of. My hard work to be at Greenwich doing law was quickly dwindling away. I needed to regain back their confidence in me and my own confidence in my skills and knowledge. All that which I had strived for was quickly being snatched away. My belief in myself to do law was diminishing. I began thinking that I was not worthy of doing such a prestigious degree. But as the days went by I made a promise. A promise to fight, to fight for what I felt was my destiny. Law had been my dream since I was thirteen I wasn’t about to let 1% stand in my way. I put my head down and never took my eyes off those books. And now I await my second year lectures.

The point of all this I hear you ask dear reader?? To show you: I am not perfect. I am not an A grade student. University is not easy. Life gets in the way of the things we really want but then again nothing can be done without enduring pain.
Put your goal into your sight and let nothing get in the way for as the poet Adrian Mitchell says “The only limit is the sky.”