Monday, 11 June 2012

Distance Day 1

My heart aches with the knowledge that so far from you I shall be away
Yet no distance and time from you can my love be kept at bay
Surely with faith and durance we shall find a way
To be in your arms there’ll be no delay

Yes, the distance such painful frustration
But no amount of separation can challenge my devotion
Even though my heart is filled with tormented emotion
You will remain my one and only destination

The many goodbyes such bittersweet misery
Yet never do they put our hearts out of harmony
Hands entwined they make such beautiful symphony
Only reality to pull us back with such forceful gravity

So many a time we have been tested
Nevertheless love’s vow we have whole heartedly heeded
A complete realisation that it is you I’ve always ever needed
So trust in you is truly fully vested

To carry on, to breathe... how shall I face each day?
My sight blurred by all things grey
To return to your arms I constantly pray
Admiration for you that no one can weigh

Each moment bringing a new sense of realisation
Of an utter horrid sensation
In your calm safe embrace is my only salvation
Your presence my only anticipation...

On a completely different note below are some of the cake projects I have been working on: Chocolate Cupcake with a chocolate frosting and the other is a rich three layer chocolate cake filled and decorated with chocolate ganache and butter cream frosting and also my very first butter cream rose.