Thursday, 23 December 2010

Nothingness But Emptiness.

It sucks the edges of my heart,
Slowly nibbling its fleshiness,
Drinking the blood as if it had nothing to drink since the dawn of time.
It begins to violently chew the part of my heart that is protecting something so secret
For me to have never turned back to it.

Its making me lose my mind,
Its vampire like teeth rip into the depths of my heart,
Making blood purge out like something as beautiful as a waterfall.

Its fangs are piercing into me and its poisonous self is being released within me.
The blood has been drained out and yet I do not feel anything as painful as pain.
And yet it still has to consume the bottom of my heart with its blooded greedy mouth.

Its lips curve over the remaining red flesh, joy fills its eyes
And contempt is ridded of itself and victory lies within it.
Its teeth sink in, bit by bit. It vulcher- arises my heart taking control over me.
It has released its seeds where my heart lies.

It begins to swallow the final bite of my heart, allowing time for
The succulent, sweetness of a human’s blood to swim around in its mouth.

Emptiness is within this beast’s eyes
But yet I feel it wise.
It has taken over me and has laid on top of the seeds which it lay.

It branches out in my body
Stretching itself in my fingers, making me kill everything
That I touch.
It feels nothing but an excitement
When it does so and yet remains so calm.

It has rid my heart of past obsessions and has given me new light.
Nothingness but emptiness.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I Am Me

I may not be the prettiest.
I may have an uneven skin tone.
I have all pimples, spots and zits.
I have strangely, straw like hair.
Rarely, almost never do I go to a hair dresser.
I have split ends which I enjoy snipping with a pair of scissors.
Occasionally I may layer it and get my sister or friends to cut it; I may even cut it myself.

I am not the smartest.
I am not academically gifted.
I have even re-taken A Levels and even a module at Uni.

I, at times, say, many times, say dumb things and get laughed at
And told off.

I have weird expressions.
I may laugh and smile to myself which others find bizarre.
I speak to myself out loud.

I make many mistakes and I am stubborn like an ass.
I may scream, yell, swear and argue as if possessed.
I may cry, throw tantrums and even stamp my feet.

Just as sweet as chocolate, I can be bitter like the saltiest sea.

But all this just makes me... Me.

“....Love Who You Are....”

The Poet

Friday, 10 December 2010

Whilst The Homeless Man....

Whilst we enjoy all this marvellous snow, playing, fighting, taking pictures; whilst we commute in the warmth and with the masses towards our small, warm homes take a moment to think of the homeless man. Think and feel of the bitter, harsh nights they spend on the frozen, ice cold floor.
Whilst we warm our hands on hot chocolates, tea and coffee... think of the hands of the homeless man. Think and feel the frost bite.
He has nothing to keep him warm, to keep him safe.
Whilst we stuff ourselves on food in fancy restaurants, take a moment whilst walking past the lonely, homeless man and feel his hunger... turn back, offer him food. And yes, it is better to teach him to fish but feed his hunger and you give him energy to fight, to survive, to live the next day. Whilst going on your journey though life take a moment to have compassion, empathy, mercy.
Give warmth, give shelter, and give love.
Remember that person which all life has forgotten and bring him back some life. One act of kindness goes so far.
Do not forget that whilst we are so fortunate there are those out there who are unlike us. Destiny has been cruel to them so let us never forget.
And to you dear Cynic!! Think not that they may squander you kindness on cigarettes, drugs, alcohol etc instead find the solution offer food or a hot drink, a pair of gloves. Mankind is not all so evil.
Have hope dear child!