Thursday, 28 April 2011

On EU Law :)

As part of the LLB course we are required to write a reflective learning log on what we have learnt, contributed and what we could improve. I have just handed in my EU log and thought to myself why not share it with you. However, this is adapted as I can be as brutally honest as I want to be seeing as am pretty certain they would not approve of sarcastic humour. Hehehe J
Having come to almost the end of the year, reflecting back on my experience on the whole I would say that studying EU Law has been the most successful compared to the rest of the modules. I believe the style of teaching and the course material have played an instrumental part in my so far success in the course. I may not have achieved a first class on the coursework’s but having gained 52% and 64% has shown me that I am capable of understanding and achieving more than I initially thought.
I originally thought that EU Law would be the hardest topic to learn but so far has been relatively straight forward; the most difficult aspect to get my head around was the topics taught in the first semester. Although, there is a clear structure there seems to such a vast amount of information to process which almost seems impossible. Nevertheless, the legislation does make everything clearer once you are able to understand how to use it and navigate your way through the statute book, which does take some time in doing. Moreover, learning to use even the textbook, European Union, A. Kaczorowska, Second Edition, is extremely difficult but then again no one said it would be easy although I think this is a joke! Much of the language used is completely different from the everyday language we are so used to but again after a while you do get used to it. Although the lecture handouts attempt to make things simpler at first instance they do appear to be jargon, it is like deciphering a new language. 
Oopsy, I just realised I left in the “jargon” part let us hope they do not take offence.
The first coursework given to use was difficult, at first it does seem relatively straightforward but once you commence writing you realise like everything else with the law it never is. My main issue was a lack of statutory authority most likely because I genuinely had no idea how to navigate my through the statute book and that there are so many I could use. For those of you who are interested the first coursework was basically a question which asked whether the European Union was becoming a federal state (in a nutshell). Regarding the second piece of coursework I realise that I need to put more detail when discussing cases and to link it to the scenarios, this one was about freedom of movement (I think I repeat myself further down).  
I think that the way the course was structured was much more organised than the rest of the courses, it was clear and straightforward in that there were two pieces of coursework and everything else would be exams. Compared to something like criminal which was three pieces of coursework; torts was three although for some reason they said the second one was optional but still do it in case your mark improves in which case they use the best grade towards your final mark. Land was the most difficult in that the first piece of coursework was worth 5% and then there was a timed coursework in January which involved several questions (did not do so well on that one) and then a final piece due in March which actually was most enjoyable as it enabled you to research material for yourself which is exactly what a career in law entails. Like I said complex stuff.
I also think much of my understanding came from how the seminars were structured, they were simple and easy to understand, also think that had it not been for the seminars I would not have done this well so far.
The topics which I think I have understood the most would be “Freedom of movement” and “Free movement of goods within the European Community”. Freedom of movement was clear-cut in that the law was made easy to understand. The cases also are easy to follow and it is easy to grasp hold of the legal principles. There are not many provisions to remember apart from TFEU, Fundamental Charter of Human Rights, Regulation 2004/38 and Regulation 1612/68, the fact that we are also allowed to bring in the statute book with us allows us to focus more on revising key cases and legal principles than in focusing on what the law says as we can refer to the actual text in the exam. The legislation triggers off the cases needed to back up a certain point. Free movement of goods, on the other hand, is a much harder topic to understand, at first glance it does appear to be a lot to revise however having re-visited my notes and revising for the exams by attempting practise questions it seems simpler than I thought. What I have learnt so far, to help myself prepare for the exams is that what would really help me is if were able to revise just the key provisions such as Art 110(1) and (2)TFEU, Art 34, 35 and 36 TFEU, Regulation 70/50 and the main cases that go hand in hand with them however this is not easy as there are so many parts to this area of the law such as CEE’s, MEQR’s, “distinctly applicable measures”, “indistinctly applicable measures”. From past experiences I know that answering problem questions will help to better my understanding and application of the law so I will be attempting more answers in the following days to come.
Overall, I would have to say that studying EU has surpassed my expectation and even though it is difficult the lecture notes and seminars have helped massively in making me understand what EU Law is about, I think the teaching style from the seminar have played an instrumental role in my understanding what EU Law is and has encouraged me to take up another language so that I may be able to consider a career within the EU. It helps when the lecturer is just a complete star!
It may seem like a lot to process and even though I feel like giving up if I look back at how I’ve done so far considering how hard both academically and personally this year has been I say to myself “Not bad” and if I’ve managed to do this well so far I need only push myself just that tiny bit extra to make it to the end of May.
This is what university is all about. It is not easy; you will want to drop out but perseverance dear child! Like I mentioned above no one said it would be easy and if it is easy then is it really worth doing? Once you complete the year, it gives you such a feeling of achievement that “yes, this was hard and although I am not the best student I did my darnd-est to do the best I can do and that is good enough for me.
Look only to do what you can do, to surpass only yourself. Not much point in trying to compete with the rest because there will always be someone out there who will be better than you at something and likewise you will be better than them in other things. It is a bumpy ride but then life is all about the roller coaster ride and I hope you are enjoying sharing what little of mine I can give you.
But stick with me we are only just coming to the interval.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Tears of Exams

So here I am revising land, adverse possession. I have started revising EU, free movement of goods and as I go along it all becomes clearer and not as daunting as I first thought. But I guess that is what it is all about. You start off scared out of your wits with the impending doom of exams but as you go on and revisit all of your work it all does actually become clear and you realise “hey, wait. I actually do know what it is I am going on about”
But even in all this knowledge, it does not actually make you feel that much better. Perhaps in a few weeks time or rather more hopefully I will be able to address all the problems of the law topics I have chosen.
But readers, I feel like crying. I am at a point where I just want to give up. Regardless of the effort put in, I know deep inside I could do so much better. I have only myself to blame if things go wrong but I know also that I will do my best, I will strive and I will work hard to make this go better. The tears are there, how can they not be? My whole educational life is on the line. I know I am not alone. No one said this would be easy. All good things in life need continuous hard work. Remember that.
My heart races as each minute passes by, I cannot help but have a heavy feeling on my heart. But surely I will rise up to this challenge like so many other challenges I have faced and I will come through.

Just keep the hope alive.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Broken Toy Soldier

Broken toy soldier,
I think you are so amazing,
Your scars a testament to your past,
Your stupidity, your anger,
Your strength.

My raging hot headed bull.

Each wound I wish to kiss
Heal all the pain,
Dry all the tears,
Fade all the scars away.

Since you came
Blazing into my life,
The sun shines bright,
The nights maybe cold but I feel
So warm being close to your presence.

The first time we locked eyes,
I knew,
My mind denied it, challenged it
My heart longed to embrace it.

I saw the spark in your face
And I knew this was a risk worth taking.
A battle worth fighting.
You, worth tears crying.

Broken toy soldier
(Anything but shattered),
Take my hand, danse avec moi beneath
The fluffy white clouds,
Swim the oceans with me,
The world our oyster,
My life found in your laughter.

Broken toy soldier,
Share with me all your grief,
In me I hope you find peace.
Let me fix all the pieces together.

Broken toy soldier,
Keep me locked in your heart,
Let me show you all the l....
I feel for you...

My amazing soldier,
I promise to be with you forever...

Friday, 15 April 2011

Easter Revision

It is the second day of proper revision in the library. I arrived at around ten-ish and guess what? It was completely empty, I do find that surprising as exams are only a matter of a few weeks away but hey each to their own.
Things will only just get harder in these coming weeks, it terrifies me. Already I am so tired and fed up of having to work so hard, wishing that I was naturally smart so that I needn’t put so much effort in to revision and even all this effort puts more fear into me that I may not do so well. All I can do is hope and keep at it. Keep up the early mornings, the journey to Uni library to revise, keep writing. I keep hoping that against all odds I will make it through and that after this perilous journey life will get easier.
Not in the best of moods, dearest readers, my heart if full of fear, terrified, petrified of all this.
I guess on the up hand in these two days I have managed to completely update my notes on Adverse Possession; my chosen topic for Land law, a two hour exam, which leaves me with TOLATA, hopefully achievable in another two days. Still must conquer EU, Criminal and Torts.
Voices surround me, everyone discusses assignments, coursework, dissertation and exams, soon the journey will be over. Temporarily. Come September/October the race shall commence again and we will be jogging through the murky waters, fighting off vines, getting cuts and bruises till we come to the finishing line.
I envy those with wealth and fortune enough never to work hard.
I remember a conversation long ago with a friend. I agree. If only we could live off a farm, grow our own vegetables, rear our own cattle, milk our own cows. Life is wasted on trivialities such as bills, houses, cars even education comes at a high price. Give me a mud hut, a few horses, some chickens, goats, sheep, a cow, let me live off the natural fat of the land. Let me be a poet, a philosopher, an artists and even a singer living off music, poetry, philosophy and the arts. Let us not worry about bills, rent, tax – the cost of life. Live under the stars with hay and grass as our beds.
Someone tell me, where is such a dream true?
I continue my fight, feeling all alone but knowing I am not...

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Impending Doom of Exams

A big hello to all my dearest readers!
Now the story is I wrote a really (I think) good blog which was really inspiring but my lappy toppy is being very mean and refuses to work properlyL sigh! So I can’t access it, anyhow fear not, inspiration strikes at odd times.
All coursework’s have now finally been submitted and yes I should be revising, which I am, I have taken a few days off to regain my mental and emotional  strength before tackling the impending doom of exams.
In the last blog, the lost blog, I wrote along the lines of: at this time of year all student minds will be thinking the same; in this vast space called Earth how many will have the same objective? It is quite beautiful when you think about it, if only we could focus the same energy on other bigger issues such as eradicating poverty, disease, violence etc truly it is the students who hold great power, if only we knew how to utilise it. At this point in time we are all doing the same thing early mornings, late nights, too much coffee, too much Red Bull, way too much caffeine all in the name of exams, sounds almost preposterous. We have the same objective to revise as much as we can and to pass this stage so that we can enter next stage, for me that is third year of LLB Law, my prayers, desires, deepest wishes are rooted in this one objective, as are many other peoples. It has not been an easy year, dear child; full of illness, the end of an era, unstable places to live, just one too many arguments, full of heartbreak. Sound bad? Perhaps but in all this heartache I would not be where I am now and for that I am happy and I am grateful. To never be in a position where I am at the mercy and whim of others, this degree will open many great doors and for that I will fight to the death. Yes I will moan and you will hear me complain and I will shed tears, I will go hungry and without sleep like so many millions out there in the name of “exam”. You may think you are alone but out there, there are many who are just as terrified as you are. We are in this together, to better the future not just for ourselves but for the world entire and for the future generations so that we may learn from past mistakes and improve our ways.
So, from me to you, from the depths of my heart the heartiest best of luck and may these exams pass with much ease.

All along the year it has been a slow jog and now the finishing line is in sight and so we must sprint as fast as we can towards it so that we may finish this race.”

Friday, 1 April 2011

Ancient Roman God Part II

He sits there, looking up at the skies,
I wonder does he realise,
He sits there surrounded in magnificence,
His soul oozing out transcendence

He speaks to me, shares all things with me,
I watch him intently, then I know he is my key.
His words remain in my heart
And forever I pray they last.

His long dark locks, remind me of the ancient gods,
He is handsome, far beyond comparison
Everything that needed to be said is now done

A mind that matches my own,
A heart that reaches my soul,
Hands so rough, shows you’ve had to be tough.

Eyes bearing such light they put the sun to shame,
This stubborn goat you’ve finally tamed,
A smile so exquisite, you send the moon hiding.
Such greatness, it is all so blinding.

I need to watch your every movement flow,
With you am wishing to make time go slow.
I hold you in my arms and I can sense the hidden strengthen
I hold you closer, my saviour, my conqueror.

I admire you, all the things you do
Simply breath taking, mesmerising.
This moment now come, hard to believe it is true.
My soul soaring, your laughter echoing.

Side by side, hand in hand,
Remaining beside you through all,
You my soldier.... finally.

Dear London...

Dear London,

Tonight you looked so beautiful
Even amidst all the smoky, orange pollution
Your lights shone bright.

The murky rivers rose
And as usual the clouds were complete gray
Such a typical London day.

The people carry about the bustling, busy city lives
If for but one moment they would stop
And take a chance....
To just sit at Embankment, along side the
River bed and watch time fly by.

To listen to all the secret London stories
F how the lions shall drink
Then London will sink
To admire the ravens that protect
Our tower of London.

To see the sights, feel the musical vibes
And find yourself on a boat ride,

London, honestly, you are no amazing beauty
Compared to my belle France but you hold
Such sweet lovely mystery
A country brave and so bold

So London, share with me all the great lives,
You’ve hidden inside, the tales and food so divine.

Give me a glimpse to all that is hidden

Dear London, if only others could share
All this history
Why will you not let them care?

Give us your history, in that today we shall build you future,
Preserving all that you London, are.

My recommended Places to visit: Greenwich (obviously) including all the landmarks and museums in Greenwich, Tower of London, Tate Britain(though I’ve not been it is on my list), St Pauls (do buy the tickets it is well worth it), Natural History Museum, British Museum, the embankment, boat ride down the Thames, Westminster. The list in endless, there is much to see these remain but a few.


We'll see how it goes, where the wind takes us...

Forget yesterday, live for today and dream for tomorrow...

Forever to us the sun will rise ever forgiving by the rain yet even the darkness of night, light shines through.

The rays of the sun beam through, they remind me of you, sweet songs of the birds echo all around, you've taken me way off the ground, last night the brightest star was you, and to you I will forever remain true.

Next to you, wherever you may be, is where I belong; be it good, be it bad, through it all I’ll remain.

Through life's obstacles, and even to the depths of hell, I will take your hand, and by your side I will lead you well, your smiles and laughter my destination. Your tears and anger will no longer be your frustration.

A smile goes a long way, tears just fall, laughter can fill a room, love conquers all...

Death may come, and life will run. Happiness never lasting though tears remain shedding. But love?... (But)love is ever lasting.

And maybe you can
Hold my hand
Fly me around the world to see
All the things that see
That set us free
Forever gliding with each other
Time spent with you like no other

So take my hand, close your eyes, leave everything behind.
To swim the oceans and fly the skies.
Like the birds and the fishes freedom shall come naturally.
Feel the rain, live beneath the clouds and the world remain where we lay so blind.
Just you and I.

You speak very few words yet
Everything you say lasts forever in my mind.
Your eyes say a million things so even if you won’t say
Your eyes will tell
Me anyway.

Sometimes you talk too much, but every word is imprinted in my heart.
You needn’t say another word,
A kiss from your sweet lips will suffice.
A look from you just blows away my mind.
Even your heart beat says more than your words ever could.

In your arms my
Through your eyes
My destination
From your words my
Your smile my
Your perfection my miracle.

In your embrace I wish to stay.
Long are the hours of the day yet each second and all the moments I see you remain
Beside me.
Though many faces come to me
Yours is the only one I see.
Hundreds come and talk to me yet
Yours is the voice that echoes all around.