Wednesday, 25 July 2012

CVs and Cover letters

Hi everyone!

How are your summer holidays going?

Thought I would give a quick update on my situation which at the moment I am pulling my hair out at the moment. I think one of the most dreadful things one has to do are job applications and filling in nonsense skills sections over and over again. I see no point in having to write the same thing out three different times in three separate places. Once being a quick summary in your cover letter, of course in your CV and then in some random section asking for your key skills because oh wait the reader can’t be bothered to read your CV/cover letter. Talk about annoying.

Too much reliance are placed on computers instead of the good old days where applications were solely done via post nowadays you have to write the same thing a million times over.  It is more annoying, more frustrating than writing an essay.

Aside from the annoying aspects of writing a CV/cover letter and all things in between the university is offering help and guidance on how to job hunt and apply for jobs consistently. Those of you who want to make full use of this course which also has the benefit of being completely on line thus saving you the trip all the way to Greenwich can find it on the portal and it is called “GET Summer Online Training Programme”. There are videos and book summaries and ideas and tips on sending daily applications.

Best of luck guys xx

Monday, 23 July 2012

Update on Not Much

Still a few days have passed from when I got my results... that feeling that yes finally I’ve done still hasn’t left me.

Those endless days and nights convincing myself that I couldn’t do it, giving up not having the energy to continue believing. For you my readers I kept up the facade maintained the encouragement and the strong words but deep inside all the strength had completely ebbed away. The lack of hope had broken my heart. The betrayal from all around had taken its toll. In January it was my intention to just leave completely without looking back and as you probably know my tutors convinced me to just stay for a few weeks to see how I feel after a few weeks, I could not escape the coursework’s nor the need to revise. Somehow the consistency, the strength of my beautiful friends and my wonderful tutors, all my loved ones kept me up.

My beating heart had lost all hope. I gave you a glimpse into me, shared with you the raw emotions and the brutal history and truth from which I came. Sure it is not that bad and it could be worse but this is my story to tell, my journey that I am sharing with you.

The days now pass by with as you guessed, job hunting, not much else to say on that front. Quite boring and tedious but still fun and exciting too knowing that soon I shall be out in the real world with a full time job.
On the baking front my silly camera has now died L It fell so horribly on to the floor and the zoomy thingy is stuck and won’t retract back. So now I am on a mission to find a new and better camera, suggestions are very welcome J

To those of you who may not have done so well and are still on your journey at uni I say keep your hearts firm and your heads in the books. Enjoy this moment for soon it shall be over...

Monday, 9 July 2012

Results Letter

The letter...

Hello my beautiful readers!!

I have been waiting for this day ever since my last exam finished. You can guess what I am talking about... Results!!

To be completely honest with you I actually found out my results on the 4th July, a day I will never ever forget. A marked day in my calendar. During those many dark moments I truly believed it could never happen, that for me this moment would never come but you are now reading the blog of not just a law student but of a law graduate!! :-D

After all that struggle, all those endless nights, those caffeine hydrated days, the non existence of sleep and lack of food the hard work has been wonderfully paid off and I could not be more happier. Your degree when you come to finish it will be yours completely and no one will be able to take that away from you, nothing can diminish just how valuable that is.

After all the obstacles, the constant flow of people letting me down, after the sordid past, the betrayal, patience and perseverance and sheer determination the tears finally paid off.

One day a day shall come where the days of crying over your notes and your text books will finally come to an end and the only tears you will be shedding then are tears of joy. For me this will always be a momentous occasion, nothing will take that away.

It’s a part of luck, loss and labour
Add a part of devotion, hope and talent
All put together is the secret of success...

Sitting on a street corner gossiping 
it’s a time of happy days my friend
desiring for success at an adolescent 
we took the wrong route to find the right route
we ran away to discover this world
i realised to toil for her (him)

We fight, toil hard, lose but I’m sure
Secret to success, shortcut to success
Its honesty... its honesty only

- Tamil Movie "Boys" –
Music AR Rahman
Lyrics by Vaali and Blaaze

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Books, Chocolates and Cakes!

Hello my darling readers!

How are you all??

It has been a while since my last blog and much of my days have been filled with reading a lot of books so far the only decent book I’ve read that I really enjoyed is called “Welcome to Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop of Dreams”, by Jenny Colgan, quite a recent publication I think. The beauty of this book is that it is filled with great little goodies about different types of confectionary, years in the famous Mars bar was released and several recipes for different types of candy such as the beautiful delicious coconut ice and the tooth crunching yet highly addictive peanut brittle. This book will definitely take you back to childhood days where penny sweets were widely available in your local sweet shop. The famous local around my old school was aptly named “Chocolate Box”.

My Harlan Coben collection is increasing hehe I have now acquired:
  • One False Move
  • Gone for Good
  • Promise me
  • Miracle Cure and
  • Final Detail

I absolutely adore his books and love the story liners involving Myron Bolitar! Well worth a read! Most of the books I got from a market cheaper than the retail price :-D

In the world of my baking I’ve recently attempted a genoise sponge which is a difficult mixture to attain because of the sheer amount of whisking involved. I who is without an electric whisk was up at one o’ clock in the morning whisking egg whites over the stove for around one hour and thirty minutes. Don’t ask why I decided to cook so late hehe. However, below you see the result of my labour which was individually sized portions of genoise sponge covered in strawberry jam, vanilla pastry cream and then covered in a stabilised whipped cream J

The other pictures are of my home made truffles which actually came out right but me thinks that was a fluke hehe.