Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Equity & Markets!

Hey Everyone!

How you all doing? Quick update on life at uni. Fun stuff huh? Lately I’ve been locking myself away to get my Equity coursework done and huzzah I finished it a few days ahead of the deadline and submitted it so that is one less worry. However, big old company law coursework still looms over my head at a whopping 3500 words, my reaction: eeeeeeeeeeeepppp but I will resume writing that up.

This past week has been filled with extra long days and nights attempting to get my head around proprietary estoppel, assurance, reliance and detriment. On the surface it appears to be a hard concept to grasp but like I always say when you persist with something it will usually get clearer. I hope that will be the same for Company Law. There is so much material available that aided me in understanding the concept of proprietary estoppel it is always about reading things a million times before you understand it and finding different sources if you don’t understand one.

So now I must focus my attention on Company. It’s annoying that the sun keeps shining and the sky is blue yet I am stuck inside trying to resolve some made up legal problem.

Anyway on a completely different note I wanted to share with you some of the nice experiences I have had recently. I’ve been so moany lately but there have been some really fun and nice things that I have done. I am a big fan of flea markets and London is packed full of them! I think I have already mentioned Camden; there is of course Greenwich market which during the summer time is simply magnificent. Covent Garden, one of my favourite places ever. It is a brilliant place to soak in culture, relax and enjoy the street performers. My favourite being “Chainsaw Juggler with Great Arse”, not joking that really is his name; I believe there are clips on YouTube of his performances.

A few months ago I discovered Borough market which is a haven for cheese fans. It has fresh beautiful and exotic fish. Some of the produce are so fresh that they are still moving. There are delicious mouth watering desserts. Taste one and you’ll want to try the lot! The people on the market stalls are even friendlier offering you free tasters without the pressure to actually purchase. This so far is one of the best markets I have been to and I highly recommend a trip there. Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

My Affliction Laying It Bare

I thought I would write again about “My Affliction”. Many people will never understand what depression is, indeed many will say they feel depressed down etc but that is not the same. Depression is a deep affliction of the mind and it takes a lot of will power to overcome it and to face everyday life. Lately my affliction has been getting the better of me. It is like a permanent grey cloud that forever looms over one’s heart. Soon I shall be setting an external blog page from this which will be completely open. This grey cloud darkens each day, it is like a having your hands and feet shackled, your breath stifled, your vision blurred and speech restricted, it is a rock placed upon on your heart. For me it has restricted me from functioning normally, everything has become a struggle. Of course, the depression has been brought on by several issues although in fact it has been present for the great deal of my life; surrounded by much too much death, too much betrayal, abuse I guess it takes its toll.

This month I have two pieces of coursework 19th and 26th March. This year has been the greatest struggle whether that is due to the million personal issues urgh. I have had many friends wanting to drop out but even then I have told them that this is the last hurdle, just a few months and we will be done.

Despite all the downers I try to think positive and hype myself up by focusing on the small things that lighten up my moods no matter how dark. So I know lately I think these blogs are turning so morbid and just so uuurrrghh. I want to spread the positive despite all the bad energy that is around.

I think to myself that despite all the rubbish that has happened in life, despite the deaths, the arguments, the illness, betrayals etc I know I have come so far. This journey at uni is my own and so is yours. No one can take it away. Yes, there are so many obstacles will be there for you to overcome no ever said it would be easy. It ain’t anyone else’s battle but yours. People will always get in the way and bad stuff happens that cannot be helped; life is always a learning process. It is hard but persistence and determination will prevail and it will make you stronger. 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fragments of My Mind I

Walking back into the past
Surrounded by a bunch of ghosts
I guess it is time I try to lay you at rest.
Don’t worry I remember how you said life is a test
But deep down inside I’m praying to come back to the nest

Keep looking back on to the past,
Keep searching for your hands,
Keep looking to see what I last saw,
Keep looking back to feel what I last felt

Keep wanting to break free from this reality.

Wanting to reach out and take a hold of your hands the way it should be,
This time tell you to take me with you.
Silly pictures on the wall, they tease me, laugh at me,
No longer do they comfort me. Just a mockery.

I inhale, take a deep breath,
I try to remember your scent
I remember each step,
I remember each slight detail
I try to envision us back then. Care free. Happy.

Now tears a are plenty. Happiness just a word, a distant memory.
Waiting for you to come set me free
Love just a fairy tale.
Something now that everyone continuously fails
On us they repeatedly bail.

I walk the path of old, going over your steps. I wonder can you feel me? Can you hear me?

Next time I’ll tell you don’t let go.