Monday, 17 January 2011

The first day of Uni.... What a blast!

Two exams and a coursework is there a better to return than that??
Sarcasm. As if things were not bad enough already. These are a testing time.
Let me add to it. More coursework to be set next week.

No time for sleep
No time to rest,
Not even time to think.

Everywhere you turn there is just another obstacle waiting. I never try to make these too personal but forces beyond my control are now taking hold. You’re in a ride dear reader.

The New Year is upon us and with it
It brings warmer winds, lighter days,

It promises us hope,
Rejuvenates our faith a new,
Makes our hearts race with fear
For the unknown that lies ahead

Its waters will flow with abundance
Of trouble,
And will we trudge through its murky waters,
Come through to the other side
Stronger, wiser, tougher.

The days will be blessed with laughter,
Cursed with sadness,
It’s a never ending cycle
-such is life-

It’s been a testing time
So let us leave it behind.
We’ve grown up from those days
Of innocent smiles, playful days.
Life stands before us, waiting to be taken a hold of
Waiting to be seized.

The New Year awaits,
Waits, waiting to be conquered.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Things get worse before they get better.

I had several blogs ready for Christmas and the New Year but as you can see I never had the opportunity to get them through. For shame!
This year it was a quiet affair. We had planned to celebrate the festives in Praha (Prague) but due to the snow that was cancelled. I will not lie..., this year t’was bland.
New Years Eve was spent throwing half my life into a skip and the remainder half sent to charity. Let it be of use to someone else.
Begin from scratch.
But fear not: things will only get worse before they get better.
Bring on the exams, the coursework, the illnesses, the lack of work...

Obstacles are your stepping stones.